September 24, 2004

Filipino in Boston

The Boston Red Sox is awesome with a twist of frustrations and The New England Patriots is of course the most aggressive football team in the U.S. I love eating the clam chowder and the Boston cream pie. Taking the "T" is the most exciting thing to do. I have been here for almost 11 years. Saw a lot of changes in this city. girfriends I dated just disappeared like thin air and hopping from one temp job to another.

I didn't grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but I feel I was born in Snotty City.

I immigrated to have a greener pasture. The city of Boston is like London with it's narrow roads and fast drivers and to mention "The Big Dig"!!! A $15 billion project of the State Government but now it's leaking water in the tunnel an investment went down the drain. I love America and it's culture probably because I grew up, American in the 7,000 islands of the Philippines. Speak english when I was only 2 yr old and ate a lot of burgers and fries but was bless not to get fat. But mostly all Filipinos are already Americanize.

I always dreamed about America, and I knew when I was a kid that I will have the opportunity to live in the land of milk and honey . I am having a wonderful life and a good career, but still my American Dream is unreachable and it's a long cold winter in New England.