November 24, 2004


I have been craving to reach my American Dream but it's still a long cold winter in New England.

The unclaimed Bouquet of roses are still fresh and the grey sky over Boston is like a curtain that hide my dream. I have been reaching for the star but the star just keep on fading. Why do I have to wear the crown of thorns?

I am not the savior of this world but just a lamb that wasn't butchered. I write like any other man who feels betray by others and being betray by himself. I sweat like a cow in the Philippines and freeze like a river in America. I haven't failed and will continue to wipe my sweat and break the frozen river to conquer the destiny that I haven't reach.

November 17, 2004

The Real American Idol

William Hung

He cannot sing, he doesn't look good and he can't dance either but He is a true American Idol. A new adolescent idol for the 21st Century.

William Hung is love by American teen agers and adults.
He is love and adore by the people who believe in claim to fame.
Just laugh, don't say anything or just plain shock but he is the person that claimed his 15 minutes of fame. The real american idol is laughing all the way to the bank.

November 15, 2004

Ako ay Pilipino

Bakit ang Filipino masakit mag-mahal kapag minahamal? @}--->---------
Umalis ako sa Pilipinas kasi wala akong kinabukasan. Hindi lang ako kundi ang buong pamilyang Castillo,Estrada,Gregorio at Stamatelaky. Ako ay Pilipino sa puso....naghihinakit na merong kaisipang dayuhan, hindi ako straight na tagalog talker but halo-halo ang aking pag-iisip parang matamis na merienda na mabibili sa Boni Avenue. Bakit ako ganito kababayan? bakit? Hindi ko pinilit na maging halo ang aking pag-iisip. hindi ko kasalanan umalis nang Pilipinas kasi ako ay nagugutom,hirap at payat. Bakit tayo ganito pasikat dito, pasakit doon. Para sabihin sa ating kababayan na may PUTI akong asawa na galing sa ibang bansa at may dolyar sa bulsa, may anak na blue eyes at blonde hair.
Mag kamao man ko mag binisiya. Nag puyo ako sa Pardo, Cebu. ako ay may step-father na bisoy ang pangan ay Nap. Nindut kaayo ang isla Mactan. Kamoo man ku mag sud-sud at maningas.
Mag-novena tuwing Miyerkules, at Sumisimba tuwing linggo. ito ay natutuhan ko noong naninirahan ako sa isla Cebu.
Bakit tayo nag-lilibak kung ang pilipino ay galing sa ibang probinsiya? Pinagtatawanan nating sila at nilalait.
Bakit tayong tiga Luzon hind natin gusto ang ibang probinsiya
Bakit ang Ilocano, Cebuano, Tagalog, lahat tayo ay hindi nagkakaisa.
Ang Bansa ko ay Kawawa-naman at walang tutulong kung hindi tayo.

November 10, 2004

The Filipino Soldier

It was around 8 pm on February 4, 1899 on a bridge in San Juan that Private WillieW. Grayson, an American sentry, shot dead a Filipino soldier.
The Filipino soldier is destructive, intellectual and subversive.
After the 1986 peaceful People Power Revolution in the Philippines. The Reform Armed Movement continue to fight their struggle for nothing. It was a bloody 6 years for Pres.Corazon Aquino. Six bloody years of AFP destruction of the Philippines and it's economy. The Filipino soldier indeed helped the masses rose against a dictator but it was also helping themselves on the pot of gold that was reachable through the hearts of my beloved Filipino people.
Intellectually the Filipino soldier is smart and soft hearted a typical attitude of a Filipino man but can easily torn by hate and gold. He served under Bonifacio and Aguinaldo, fought the American forces, joined the guerilla during the rising sun invasion, froze in Korea and tried to built bridges in Vietnam.
A PMA class that turned out to be a subversive in attitude planned to take over the Hut along Pasig River, they tried but failed. they continue to bombard the hearts of the Filipinos but failed because they took the wrong turn in Manila but tried to succeed again and again, but still they failed.

November 03, 2004

Four more years with Bush

America is still divided.
The goals of the Bush administraton are still in questions. Americans are still
divided. Allies are still in doubt with the foreign policies of the U.S. government towards Afghanistan, Iraq and the war in terror.
The war in Iraq is still bleeding with foreign blood. The world is still divided, the Arabs think that Americans hate islam and it's people. Americans think that We are hated by the world.
George W. Bush is still the man sitted on the throne of the White House according to the majority of conservatives who voted for him. I never understand why you and me are divided because we invaded a country that was not really a threat to us and to the world.
Indeed, Saddam Hussein was the Butcher of Baghdad. I know that name since I was only 15 years old living in the Philippines. I am sick and tired of hearing his name. I was for the war with the twist of guilt on the side.
I was for the war, Because I wanted the Kurds to be freed from the evil of Saddam. free from his crucifix, free from his sword but never wished that more are being butchered by us. I wish I can reached out and a hold a kid with no hands.

Sky View

A Bird's Eye View of Boston by J. Klein

November 02, 2004


Ferdinand E. Marcos


Carlos the Jackal

America and The Philippines Torn by Terror

Carlos the Jackal,the man who started it all.
He was born in Venezuela, under the more sane name of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, but history will remember him as Carlos the Jackal. He was the first superterrorist, back in the days when terrorism was still far enough from U.S. soil for Americans to consider it glamorous.
On the other side of the world, The Philippines have been fighting terrorism during the days of the Marcos regime. The former dictator and his cronies created the Terror in Manila like the boxing matched of Ali and Frazier.
The former thief was consider the best in terror. The so called "Salvage System" was one of his political system. They snatched political enemies during their rapid eye movement then spreading their blood on rice.
The Mendiola bridge was just a small innocent bridge during those times. The Filipino Muslims were really the victims of terror. War was just an ordinary life and Jeromentado was part of islam. Arab fighters invaded us to teach the messages of an extremist ideology hiding inside an innocent book.
The 21s century was a new beginning for terrorism. Two towers fell from the sky creating a poisonous smoke in the land of milk and honey. A cow boy decided to create more terror on the land of sand with burning oil and blood.
Understanding the mind of a terror, is that blood is thicker than water.
That the fundamentals are mixed with extreme hatred to other humans.