December 21, 2004

E. De Los Santos Avenue

The Avenue of the heroes.
The Filipinos had demonstrated the most powerful way to overthrow a corrupt government of the Philippines.
The People Power revolution of 1986 in Edsa was the awakening of the voice of the people that was been dormant for almost 25 years.
I marched on that day of eruption and shouted freedom and democracy that shattered the gates of Malacanang and created a dominoe effect all over the world.
The Koreans followed us like a cat that forgot to bring a copier.
The Tiananmen student uprising was a success with bloody mary on the side.
The Iron curtain was washed but never to be hang again.
The Filipinos had achieved the extraordinary event of a life time but that achievement can be exploited and can be use has a weapon of mass destruction.
The People Power revolution was the lava that came from Malacanang.
Perhaps Edsa Dos will be the last of the lava flow.

December 15, 2004

Beth Circa 90s

I thought she was just a dream but a blessing from heaven.

I was fresh out of the boat and was craving to taste the food of my God.
Los Angeles was amazing just like watching a real terminator movie. police choppers going around with their search lights on, looking for the right crime at the right time. I didn't like this city of angels with horns and tails.
I moved to the east of the coast to meet my destiny on the softness of the mattress.
Beth was from George Sherman Union. I called her that because she loved to see naked men running out of nowhere and to learn the courses of her alma matter. She was a thrill,sings and dance. She can turn your body up side down then drink the liquid of your body and complained about it.
She was scared of bearing the placenta. So, she put it in a jar to be remembered. I saw her dance with other men and came back to me like a doll that forgot to cry.

December 11, 2004


She was a smart wit.
She was just an innocent flower with a thorny branch.
She can tear you apart like a paper shredder and loves you like the warm climate of the Philippines.
She can give you intellectual ideas but made love like an inflatable doll.
10 years of my life with her was like an ice cream that never melted.
A boiling water that never boiled, and the fire that never burned.
She craved to be a sha-man but never to chewed the plant that can heal a human being.
She was the woman that open my heart to a new frontier but that frontier was already been conquered.
She loved like any other woman, she has the strength and ability to pursue her happiness but forgot to look back and reclaim the love she lost.