December 06, 2005

Moving Back to Boston

I have been looking for a job for almost two months now and still unemployed.
I will be leaving my family in Jacksonville, Florida. I don't feel so happy leaving my precious daughter and wife behind. But I have to sacrifice in order for them to have a better life in the future. Some people go to war just to feed their families. I am going back to New England to face the cold and to achieve my American Dream.
I have been warned by my friends, a fellow blogger and strangers that moving in Jax was a big gamble. I didn't listened but followed my heart to be with my family. We have a wonderful life and a nice house but no job for the man of the house. A big house that we are living in needs a lot of almighty dollar to maintain.
It might take some months to update my Blog but I will return and continue to show the world how an immigrant from the Philippines is finding his niche in the land of milk and honey.
May God Bless My Family.

Don Pepe

My Mother's Father.
My mother said that he was a smart,rich and a strict parent. My Grandfather was the top of his class, a mayor, a lawyer and one of the richest man in Pangasinan. I wished I have his wealth but the wealth is gone. Distributed to his Kasamahan a comprehensive land reform program of the Aquino administration.
I only knew him when I was 10 years old. I remembered when he took me to Rizal park and argued with everyone he encountered. The jeepney driver, the waiter and a parent of a kid.
He was half Spaniard and half Filipino.

November 15, 2005

My Father

Aris and his birdie.

He is my father who lives in Los Angeles. He has a double black belt in Karate and an expert with the samurai sword. He always perform his martial expertise every time I visit him in L.A.....I call it showing off.

I don't really know my father because he left in the summer of 68.
He left for the US and it will take another 19 yrs to see me again. I don't regret having a single parent when I was growing up. Because I was smart enough to know that my mother was really taking good care of me.

If you are thinking why don't you know him now?

I don't have to because I already have another father that loves my mother and respect her. I only know one father that is my step-father.


My Father's Father

My Late GrandFather.
The picture was taken in Melrose, Massachusetts before he past away.
He never speak to me in Tagalog and have an olive skin.
I never really knew him before he died. he lived in New Orleans and re-married an American. He was a very quiet guy and always listen to music.
That's all I know about him.

November 14, 2005

Pinoy Expatriate

What is a Expatriate?
The difference between an expatriate and an immigrant is that immigrants (for the most part) commit themselves to becoming a part of their country of residence, whereas expatriate are usually only temporarily placed in the host country and most of the time plan on returning to their home country, so they never adopt the culture in the host country. While Europeans or North Americans living in the Middle East and Asia may marry local people and have children, most see no advantage in adopting citizenship of their host countries, usually because they consider their stay only temporary. In countries like Saudi Arabia, expatriate are required to live in segregated compounds, meaning that integration into their host country's society is not an option.
Some Filipinos will say is a Filipino who lives in another country but still loves the Philippines. Some will say a Filipino that work so hard in another country to support his/her family.
Some say they hated the Philippines but they love the Filipinos. Some will bad mouth the Philippines but always visited the Philippines.
Some will say that they're an Expat but they don't know the meaning of being an Expat. Some will say they love the Philippines but never been back for 35 years.
Some will say that they are Filipinos born in other countries but still loves the Philippines even though they never been there.
Some say they love the Philippines but don't know how to speak the language.
Some married westerners and called themselves expat.
And the answers goes on and on and on.
I am not an Expatriate because I forced myself to Immigrate and live in America and become a citizen. Because my mother reminded me of the future of the Philippines.
I married a Filipino-American but doesn't know the culture for her Ancestry.
I wasn't born in a silver platter even though my Mother inherited 200 hectares of land in Pangasinan.
She thought me to work so hard for a bicycle that I asked her when I was 16 years old. Opened my first bank account when I was 7 yrs old. Ate my first dog when I was 5 yrs old and left my country when I was 25 yrs old.
Please just be a Filipino!!!

November 13, 2005

The Stamatelaky

First Generation of Stamatelakis in the Philippines in the early 1900's

Dionise 'Papa Nis' - 4th child, boy, dressed as a girl as Lola Bening wanted a girl so much!
Aristidis 'Papa Ting' - 2nd child, son, second one to leave Philippines and stayed in USA
Margarita Sr - the matriach, dressed in 'Maria Clara'
Katherine 'Mama Kate' - 6th child, 1st daughter (finally! - notice she's the only one smiling - spoiled brat heh!?)
Anastasios 'Tassus' or 'Papa Bec' - 5th child, son, also stayed in USA
Iannis 'Papa Johnny' - 1st child, son, first one to leave Philippines and go around the world
Solon 'Papa Solon' - 3rd child, son, one who took care of the family when Lolo Costa remarried
These are my GrandParents from Legazpi, Albay.
My Great-Great Grand Father was not in the picture.
A lot of them wanted to live and die in the Philippines but perhaps the clan avoided the rough and impoverish life of the island and moved forward to a different country or traveled all over the world. A lot of them are already past and will never see the Philippines changed to a great country but perhaps either for me when I die my country will be the same.
I wish that it will never happen and I will see the Pearl of the Orient rise to become again the great trading place of Southeast Asia.

November 07, 2005

Being a Filipino

Mr. Benjamin Pimentel Jr. doesn't know me and I don't know him. He doesn't even know that I posted his name in my Blog. I salute Mr. Pineda for his good skills as a writer for Filipinas Magazine and a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.
He is one of those Filipinos who is doing a great job for the Filipino community.
Allan Pineda and Benjamin Pimentel are two Filipinos in two different world. one is an entertainer and one is a Journalist and a Blogger but One race.
Being a Filipino in America is not easy, Some Asians think that we lost our identity because We were ruled by Nations and think different from other Asians. Some say we are just from a third world country that speak good english but not fluent in our own native tongue. Some say that we brag about being rich to other Filipinos but the food we eat is dried fish, We even forgot to be a Filipino in the Philippines but became a Filipino in other countries.
We respect other countries but made the Pasig River a public toilet. We voted for a President but we're the one who's destroying the administration, We love to be white but the whitener doesn't work for us.
Being a Filipino is to be one!!!

November 06, 2005

Black Eyed Peas

Born to Entertain Allan Pineda
Copy Right by Filipinas Magazine
In 1989 Allan boarded a bus to Manila and then a plane to Los Angeles.
Sapang Bato was just another remote barrio in Pampanga. The people of that barrio will never realized that there is a born entertainer from their town that will change the structure of hip-hop and to be a Filipino in America.
Allan Pineda like me loves Asin. A Filipino group that wrote folk songs against the Marcos regime and the suffering of the Filipino Muslims in Mindanao.
Allan Pineda hasn't forgotten his roots and still loves the Filipino People.
The Black Eyed Peas is Allan Pinedas contribution to us and that being from the Barrio is where your dreams start.
To read more about The Black Eyed Peas and Allan Pineda please read Filipinas magazine November 2005 issue and Benjamin Pimentel Jr's. Blog at


It's been awhile I haven't seen the Philippines.
They said the infrastructure, Tele-communication, jobs and more taxes were added to the economy. EVAT can create more of these if the Filipino people can afford the change. If the Philippine Government will increase the minimum wage so the chickens will stop scratching the ground and lay some eggs.

Still Jobless

Our New Home in Florida.

The house is almost a hundred years old I can't figure it out the architecture if it's Spanish or British.

I am still looking for a Job to support my family. I have been looking for work for two months since I moved from Boston. Should I regret moving in this Sunshine State or just keep looking until I find one. I have never been so Jobless for more than a month. Everytime I quit my job in Boston, I always find one but here in Jacksonville it will take some effort and sweat to find the almighty dollar. I wonder how the Black community is handling the job market in this city. I see a lot of poverty from different race. Should I sweat like a cow in Jax or keep my neck red.

October 21, 2005

Wet and Hungry

She is wet and hungry selling her sampaguita on a rainy day in Metro Manila.

Tapped the car window and she will go away. A gesture that you and me are not interested to buy her National flower of love and pain.

Even though we have a peso in our pocket but we still deny the existence of a hungry child that is right in front of our face.

Some say she is just a pretender and being use by someone to sell her flowers but others still buy the entire bouquet to feed the poor. Filipinos are some times selfish and caring but the entire nation is selling sampaguitas.
Photo by Jake Verzosa from

October 13, 2005

My Cabanatuan Experience in the early 80s

My family relocated to Umingan, Pangasinan from Cebu. It was a very long trip and stressful. I couldn't imagined I was going to live in a remote part of Pangasinan. A town that was near the "Bundoks" and the water system was coming from the ground. I had to pumped water in order for me to drink but the water was fresh and free of minerals or additives, compared to other water supplies found in other major cities in the Philippines.

I stayed there for the summer and asked my mom to enroll me in high school at the College of the Immaculate Conception in Cabanatuan where my cousin Monsignior Camillo de Gregorio was at the time the President of the school.
My mother was reluctant to be separated with me again. We were always separated because her job required traveling for a recording company in Manila and she traveled all over the Philippines. Moving to Pangasinan was the time to know her and my step-father but my education was more important to my family.

In 1983, I started my class in Cabanatuan. I was being teased by my classmates because I had a Cebuano accent and my Tagalog was not perfect.

Nueva Ecija is a Tagalog province and with a tremendous violent past. Political rivals assassinated each other just to become a mayor or a governor. Their dreams to become famous but never to served the people of Nueva Ecija who voted for them.
Everyone knew me in school probably because of my last name Stamatelaky or my connection that I have with the school President.

I have learned not only in school but in the streets of Cabanatuan. I have learned to make friends with the poor. I always have a connection with the poor and a bad relationship with the rich. I always avoided becoming a friend of the wealthy Filipinos. Because they always make the poor poorer and neglect them, to make their lives richer from the expense of the peasant but not all Filipino rich are like that some have heart of a cotton and some have heart of a coconut.
There are a lot of memories in "Caba". I met my first love Abi, the ten years relationship with her was extraordinary. she was not only my girlfriend but she was different from all of the women that I had relationship.
I discovered the name Benigno Aquino Jr. in N.E When he was murdered at the Manila International Airport. He changed my mind in how I think that I am Filipino and become awakened that I was living in a country that was becoming poorer in every minute of my life. The Filipinos was about to embarked in a journey to freedom because one man changed in how Filipinos think.
I graduated in 1986 without honors but was free from the Tyrant.

October 10, 2005

Protest Anti-Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

A Filipino Protestor
Picture by Reuters N.Z.

The Philippine Politics 2005

The year is 2005. I subscribed to a Filipino channel called Mabuhay channel. It is been awhile I haven't seen any Filipino movies and especially Filipino news in Tagalog from Manila.
The sad part of this traditional political forecast is that the Philippines is still complaining about the Government. I have been away for 12 years and the politics is still going on undecided, undetermined and unpredictable.
When can my fellow Filipinos learn that the more they marched on the streets of Manila the more they are going to destroy the reputation of the Philippine economy and it's government.
I predict if the Philippines voted for a new regime the marching will always be there to destroy our Nation. I left my country to have a greener pasture but that pasture caught a drought and it's already dry.
A man's past can never be forgotten but if that man intended to forget the past it is likely to repeat itself. A lot of Filipinos committed their lives to save us from the dictator and the tyranny was abolished in EDSA.
We have learned from our past but some are still using the Power of the People to take control of the hearts and minds just to change a government who is doing it's best to make us a better society and feed the Filipino poor.
When will we ever learn!!!

October 06, 2005

She is my life

My Daughter Ava Beatriz Flores Stamatelaky
I am introducing to the world my precious daughter.
She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Taken by a camera cell phone T616. She was only 5 months old when I took this picture and it was a chilly Autumn.

October 02, 2005


Jacksonville, Florida
by John Nyberg
The River is Saint Johns River. Probably this City will give a new meaning of an American Dream but poverty in this city is like what I experienced in the Philippines.

September 24, 2005

Moved out of State

I drove almost 1,500 miles from Boston to Jacksonville, Florida.
I passed by Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. It was fun and exciting and will never do it again because it was exhausting and expensive especially the prices of gasoline in America.

I noticed that Maryland drivers are crazy, craving for speed perhaps because their highway speed limit is 60 miles per hour. But when I got to Georgia the speed limit was 75 miles per hour it was a fast driver's dream come true. When I drove by New York City it gave me a headache and rob my pocket for tolls. I never paid so money tolls in my life before.

The other State was fine except for the Hurricane that I drove in and almost flooded my old 1997 Nissan Sentra. I stopped at The South of the Border. It is a famous stop for commuters going to North or South but didn't saw any Confederate flag.

Florida the Sunshine State is hot and lots of Filipino food. I moved into my new house in Jax City. It is like my old home in Boston near a River without the fast moving sound of cars in Storrow drive. I will again find my American Dream in Florida and God help me

August 26, 2005

The War in Iraq Part 2

3 years after the attacked on my birthday. The War in Iraq is still going on. American troops and the Iraqi people are still dying. As I wrote before that I was only 15 yrs old when I first heard the name Saddam Hussein.
I am still for the War and will never change my mind with my support for the American and Coalition troops in Iraq. Whatever Mother Sheehan will say against the war, she will never convince me of supporting the Anti-war movement in the United States. I am not born in America but respect the U.S. soldiers that are risking their lives to make us a better world. As a Filipino who saw a lot of suffering in the Philippines and saw Filipino soldiers die to save the word Democracy.
The war in Iraq is not supported by the majority of the western world but in order for this world to live in peace with each other the Americans are risking their lives for you and me. If the War will last for another 50 years then it is time to leave the burning oil fields of Iraq and come home.
It is not right to march on the streets of America and yell the good words of the lord. It is right to be mad at the thrown of the White House if that Man is spreading the words of the serpeant.
We can never understand why a prescious religion is contaminated by Terror. The Koran was not part of Terror but influenced the people who created the Terror.

August 24, 2005

About my Blog

I created this Blog not to be famous, to be recognize or to impress my fellow readers . I created this Blog to show the world how I live in the United States and my life in the Philippines. I am not arrogant to show the world how good I am with HTML or C++. My life was not easy living in Boston and in the Philippines. I didn't go to La Salle, Ateneo, University of the Philippines and other Sampaguita League schools in the Metro Manila.
I am just an ordinary Filipino who is committed to my life and to change the structure of Philippine politics through this blog. I don't have 5 to 10 paragraphs of postings and have tons of Blogger friends to leave comments on my postings. I am a Filipino who is sharing my unpredictable life in America.

August 22, 2005

Filipino Rap

I - How pinoy hip-hop started (late 70s-1980s)

From The South Bronx to the streets of Metro ManilaThe hip-hop scene in The Philippines is one of the oldest in Asia. It is hard to tell when hip-hop started here and how did it start. But I would like to make several points on how hip-hop was brought to this country.

The Philippines before was a US territory until the country gained independence in 1946.
American culture left a strong influence in The Philippines. Filipinos listen to American music, watch American movies or eat American fastfood like MC. Donalds or Pizza Hut. In the 1980s, movies like, Breakdance and Flashdance were shown in cinemas around Metro Manila and got many Filipino youths to breakdancing. Filipinos are also updated with it comes to music especially popular American hits. Early Filipino DJs can get in hold of the latest hits. In the late 70s / early 80s, popular hits from Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow and Blondie are getting played in Manila's radios and discos. Even hit songs like Chic's "Good Times" (which was a major influence in the creation of rap music) were played. Disco, funk, Motown and soul groove were also very popular in Manila.

Filipinos living in the United States (or any country) send money and/or presents to their families or relatives back home. Rap music on records or cassettes may be one of those items. Also Filipinos living abroad especially those living in the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia return to the Philippines as
balikbayans with presents. Rap records/cassettes or reading materials with hip-hop issues can be one of those presents.

Filipinos who take a trip to other countries go shopping and buy presents. Again, rap music may be one of those presents bought.
The United States had
several bases here in The Philippines before they pull out in the early 90s. African-American or Hispanic servicemen stationed in the Philippines may have influenced the locals into the hip-hop culture.


New York was still the main influence for most early Filipino rap artists when it comes to beats, flow and style; though California was also important. Some of the early influence were from
Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Boogie Down Productions, RUN-DMC, Public Enemy, Ice-T, Salt-N-Pepa, A Tribe Called Quest and Rakim. The earliest Pinoy Rap tracks contains samples or styles influenced by these artists. An example is Rapasia's track "That's The Way Love Is" which was influeced by A Tribe Called Quest's track "Bonita Applebum". Another example is Andrew E.'s early style. His style in the track "Ize Batayojan" is influenced by Rakim. The fashion style of Bass Rhyme Posse is similar to RUN-DMC and so on. II - Some Important Events in Pinoy Rap


Late 1970s / Early 1980s:

The first rap recordings in the Philippines were by Dyords Javier and Vincent Dafalong. Dyords Javier recorded "Na Onseng Delight" (which copied the style of
Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight") while Vincent Dafalong recorded "Nunal".

The Golden Age of Pinoy Rap 1990:

A former breakdancer with name of
Francis Magalona released an album called Yo! which became the first rap album in The Philippines. "Mga Kababayan" (My Countrymen) became the first rap track recognized by many Filipinos.

Months later,
Andrew E. who was a DJ in a popular disco in Makati released an album called Humanap Ka Ng Panget challenging Francis M.'s dominance in Pinoy Rap. A movie with the same title was also released and it was one of the first movies in The Philippines that featured Pinoy Rap.

"Makati Girl" by
Andrew E. was the first pinoy rap track to display beatboxing. Cool MC. Norman B. of Bass Rhyme Posse beatboxed for the track and became the first known beatboxer in The Philippines.

Pia Arroyo, who would be later become Francis M.'s wife was the first woman in The Philippines to record a rap track (with Francis M.). The song was "Loving You" and was released as part of the
Yo! album.Gelli De Belen, a popular actress was the first woman in The Philippines to record a rap track in tagalog. The track was "Mr. DJ" which featured Andrew E. The song was released as part of the Humanap Ka Ng Panget soundtrack.

Bass Rhyme Posse became the first rap group in The Philippines. Their debut album was released a year later and were the Philippine counterpart of RUN-DMC.


Rap Asia was the next group to release an album. Their track "Hoy! Tsismosa" became an instant hit. Michael V. released his first album with the track, "Maganda Ang Piliin" as an instant hit. The song also countered Andrew E's song, "Humanap Ka Ng Panget" and caused rivalry between the two rappers.

Denmark released
I'm Markie D.! and the song "Louningning" became a hit Lady Diane and M.C. Lara were the first female rap artists in the Philippines to release an album. Lady Diane released The First Lady Of Rap while M.C. Lara released a self titled album. Lady Diane's song "SA-SA-Saddam" became an instant hit.
Jaime Baby was the first child to record a rap track in the Philippines. The track was "Eh Kasi Bata" which later became a motion picture.

Andrew E. starred in the movie, Andrew Ford Medina which became one the first movie in the Philippines to show a rap battle.


Francis M. released his second album,
Rap Is Francis M. which was arguebly the best Pinoy Rap album ever recorded.

A cultural revolution 1993:

Mastaplann released their self titled album. Though in English, the album changed the way Filipinos look at Pinoy Rap. It was one of first Pinoy Rap albums that recognized the DJ as an important member and recognized their turntable skills. It also recognized the other elements of hip-hop such as breakdancing and graffiti and also made DMC Philippines an important organization in the evolution of Pinoy hip-hop.

Boom who would then become a member of Kulay released an all rap album. The album featured singers Jeannie Oakman (R.I.P), Radha and Jhego who would later team up with Dash and form the group,
Legit Misfitz


Death Threat released the first gangsta rap album in the Philippines with the track "Gusto Kong Bumaet" becoming an instant hit. 1995:
Andrew E. forms
Dongalo Wreckords which became the first independent rap label in The Philippines. The label's first roster of artists were Itim Pero Kayumangi, Syke, Chinese Mafia, Richie Rich (Anak ni Bakuko), Madd Poets, B.B. Clan, D.F.T, and Oblaxz


Andrew E. produces and becomes host of Rap 13, the first Pinoy rap show which was aired the same year. The show lasted until 1999.


Aikee at the age of 11 becomes the first child to release a full pinoy rap album.

This History of R.A.P was published by

August 17, 2005

Boston 2005

Boston at night
The Clock Tower is the oldest building or tower in Boston and still one of the tallest.

August 16, 2005

Living in Boston

Boston is still prejudice. The Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics still don't get along with each other. Bad mouth here bad mouth there.
When I moved to Boston in 1993 from Los Angeles. My father told me that the people in Boston are very nice but he forgot to mention the cold and racist attitude of Bostonians. I experienced different racial slur from different race. I was too nice to hear the word Hate because I am Filipino who is mild mannered.
But being nice was no longer to be practice by me. I fought back after a years of being ridicule.
I am not even pure Filipino but with a pure Filipino heart and mind I was able tolerate the events that happened to me.
Boston is a great city to learn different cultures with a tremendous effect to a person who ever learns it.
I learned to survived and committed myself to Snotty City.
Boston is great for single people and college students.
The crowd in Lansdowne Street are full of puke and discarded baseballs. Fenway is still the ball park for whites, Dorchester is still for the black community and Chelsea is still under the rule of the Hispanics.

August 10, 2005

August 06, 2005

The Event Horizon

At the top of The Empire State Building 2004
Duol na ang 9/11, unsa na naman an ehenitabo sa adlaw na akong birthday.
Ako ay natatakot kung ano naman ang mangyayari sa buwan ng Setyembre. Lalo na sa araw na akoy pinanganak .
I will always remember that day when America stood still and saw the two towers fell from the sky.

August 01, 2005

The Old Man of the Mountain

Picture by Chuck Theodore

I feel like this rock of the mountain.

Old Man of the Mountain no more. I understand why nature is so destructive and unpredictable to damage a certain icon that all nature lovers adored and worshiped.

New Hampshire deserve an answer from above but that question will never be answered. I feel like the old Man being tortured and bombarded by natures wrath and finally was destroyed and never to be seen again.

July 12, 2005

My People

The Filipino Poor
This is the reason why me and millions of other Filipinos left our country.
I will always remember the saga that I experienced in my life living in the Philippines. It was poor and middle class.
Sabe pa nga Nila "Buwesit talaga ang buhay sa Pilipinas".
(What a lousy life living in the Philippines)
I just laugh when I hear that coming from a fellow Filipino. Because it is not true and life in the Philippines is easier than living in other countries. Majority of my friends and classmates were poor but all of them survived the hot climate of the Philippines and eat the rotten cane that they harvest in the fields of dreams.
I mostly socialize with different types of Filipinos from the Mag-tataho(Tofu vendor) and to a son of a President of a famous bank. I learned to survive in the streets of Cabanatuan,Cebu,Davao and Metro Manila. It was easy for me to find my niche and survive without the help of my parents but with the helped of my impoverish friends.
People knew me but I didn't know them. I was famous but without the 15 minutes of fame. I was a star in my own third world but couldn't understand the events that I experienced in the 25 years of my life in the land of different culture.
I learned how to eat rice with sugar with my friends.
The good part is I still eat rice with sugar in the land of Sour Milk and Poison Honey.

July 06, 2005

King of the Hub

My last Year In Boston
I will be moving soon to Jacksonville, Florida. A better life or perhaps another struggle but I will continue to search for my American dream.
But afar from the east my land is still struggling to find itself and the struggle for freedom and democracy still continues. Perhaps one day my people will find their own dreams.

June 24, 2005

The War in Iraq 2005

It is been almost 4 years since the 9/11 attack.
The United States and her Allies are still in Iraq trying to make the country democratic and constructions of cities that America destroyed during the major battle against Saddam Hussein.
The United States will not succeed on their agenda to make that country a better place to live for the Sunnis and Shiite Muslims. A country will be like the Philippines of middle Asia . A Democratic Country with insurgency, corruption and poverty.
The Americans are building schools, roads and other infrastructure but couldn't find the chemical weapons that Rumsfeld gave to Saddam during the Iran and Iraq war of the 80s.
Where are they Donald?
Majority of Americans think that their country is doing a great job by doing business during a war. Halliburton and other companies that make profits on war are the ones who are really succeeding on winning the pockets of the American Pride. I am not trying to assassinate nor destroy the intentions of the United States government for the Arab people. I am Filipino who believe that it will take 50 years for the American people to see the end of war but only the dead can see the end of war.
Goodluck America

June 09, 2005

Philippines Is Not A Dangerous Country Mr. Bill O'Reilly

What is wrong with Western Media!!!
Are they really so naive and narrow minded for what they think about my country. I can never understand that the Philippines was branded as the one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
Is it True?
Have you heard of an American or other Westerners getting killed in the Pearl of the Orient?
The Abu Sayaff , The Philippine Government, MILF and the NPA are traitors of my land. How can they say that We can change this country for the sake of the Filipino People.
I lived in the City of Angels before and it was just like the Philippines.
Ohhhh!!!! Mr. O'Reilly Duck!!!!!!

June 08, 2005

Philippine Independence - June 12th 1898

Katipunan Members!!!
Ang iyak ng Bayan ay hindi naririnig.
Ako ay Pilipino, Sa Puso at sa pag-iisip.
Bakit si Emilio Aguinaldo hindi pinaiyak ang Balintawak?

May 31, 2005


Born in Sampaloc Maynila Circa 1968

We are still Waiting - Filipino Veterans of WW2

Filipino Veterans - Memorial Day 2005
They fought shoulder to shoulder in Bataan and Corregidor marched the hot climate of the Philippines, but the Struggle for recognition still lingers at the horizon where Uncle Sam is pointing.
Where is the glory after my people fought for the land of milk and honey?
Why are the ghost soldiers still missing and never to be seen again?
When can they see the land that they fought for before they vanished into ashes?

May 11, 2005


Sen. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
D.O.B 10/26/1947
She reminds me of a New Generation of a Politician.
She looks liberal but in fact she is conservative. She can tolerate an extra marital affair to save her political ambitions and her husband.
I will vote for her if she decided to seek the thrown of the White House. And if she to change the political structure of United States.
A Brilliant woman for the 21st Century. She was educated in Wellesley, Massachusetts, worships the open air preachers and joined the impeachment inquiry against a President.
She almost lost her life during a heavy Whitewater encounter in Arkansas.
Perhaps she learned her lesson well and never again fail. Her political ambitions and my dream of this land to become respected again by the Nations of this World.

April 20, 2005

My Life in 2005

I have been looking for a new career in America. It will be a very long struggle for the almighty dollar. I cannot believed that I've been here for 13 years and still looking.
I have a decided to be a certified auto technician and will continue to look for my American Dream. Thy will be Done

April 04, 2005

Karol Jozef Woytyla 1920 - 2005

Saint Pope John Paul II

1978 - 2005

He spoke against Communism, Materialism, Imperialism, Unrestrained Capitalism and Oppression. He oppossed Abortion, Capital Punishment, Homosexuality and Contraception.

He was the longest Pope who ever lived. I adore him and cherish him.

I cried when he was shot in 1981 and cried again in 2005.

He forgave his assassin and placed the bullet on the Grotto of The Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima. He knows the secrets of the Fatima but took those messages to his grave. But one secret was revealed and proven to be true.

He was the white man on white clothes.

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

March 12, 2005



The Hammer and Sickle. Founded by Jose Maria Sison.

The Huks started to revolt against the Philippine government after the mighty Americans handed over the islands in 1946. But a new struggle was emerging from the rice crops of Luzon.
My People were about to be introduced to a different form of ideology.
The Communist Party of The Philippines was formed in 1969.
Marcos was smart enough to use the CPP-NPA as a scape goat to declare martial law in 1972. I remember that day when my mom was in a rush to get home before midnight. Marcos just declared martial law and that all citizen are to stay home to avoid getting arrested. I finally realized the intense political situation of the Philippines in 1972.
I was young enough to understand the situation because I saw it thru my own eyes, what was going on around me. The Roman Catholic church was the most aggressive anti-Marcos movement that I ever worship.


Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions

March 08, 2005

Pusila - Pusila (Shoot -Shoot)

Senator. Benigno Aquino Jr.


Those were the last words of Ninoy before he was assassinated on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport on August 21st 1983. I was only 15 years old and never realized that there was a man that was committed to free the Filipino people from the abusive and corrupt government of Ferdinand Marcos.

I was so confused and innocent about the political situation of my country before August 21st.

Ninoy Aquino woke me up and slapped me while I was awake. I couldn't ignore the pain that he brought upon my country. My people are now alone for their struggle for democracy.

We were all alone after he was killed but the struggle was just the beginning for a long Fight for Freedom.

February 19, 2005

The First Struggle for Human Rights and His Land

Chief Washakie

Also known has Chief Joseph. He understand the struggle for freedom and continued North to free his people from the invading forces of America.

I can never understand why a precious tribe like the Nez Perce should be destroyed. Because they believed the traditions of their ancestors and the traditons of other 500 nations. The Nez Perce are people who can never understand why you and me are still divided.