April 20, 2005

My Life in 2005

I have been looking for a new career in America. It will be a very long struggle for the almighty dollar. I cannot believed that I've been here for 13 years and still looking.
I have a decided to be a certified auto technician and will continue to look for my American Dream. Thy will be Done

April 04, 2005

Karol Jozef Woytyla 1920 - 2005

Saint Pope John Paul II

1978 - 2005

He spoke against Communism, Materialism, Imperialism, Unrestrained Capitalism and Oppression. He oppossed Abortion, Capital Punishment, Homosexuality and Contraception.

He was the longest Pope who ever lived. I adore him and cherish him.

I cried when he was shot in 1981 and cried again in 2005.

He forgave his assassin and placed the bullet on the Grotto of The Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima. He knows the secrets of the Fatima but took those messages to his grave. But one secret was revealed and proven to be true.

He was the white man on white clothes.

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia