May 31, 2005


Born in Sampaloc Maynila Circa 1968

We are still Waiting - Filipino Veterans of WW2

Filipino Veterans - Memorial Day 2005
They fought shoulder to shoulder in Bataan and Corregidor marched the hot climate of the Philippines, but the Struggle for recognition still lingers at the horizon where Uncle Sam is pointing.
Where is the glory after my people fought for the land of milk and honey?
Why are the ghost soldiers still missing and never to be seen again?
When can they see the land that they fought for before they vanished into ashes?

May 11, 2005


Sen. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
D.O.B 10/26/1947
She reminds me of a New Generation of a Politician.
She looks liberal but in fact she is conservative. She can tolerate an extra marital affair to save her political ambitions and her husband.
I will vote for her if she decided to seek the thrown of the White House. And if she to change the political structure of United States.
A Brilliant woman for the 21st Century. She was educated in Wellesley, Massachusetts, worships the open air preachers and joined the impeachment inquiry against a President.
She almost lost her life during a heavy Whitewater encounter in Arkansas.
Perhaps she learned her lesson well and never again fail. Her political ambitions and my dream of this land to become respected again by the Nations of this World.