June 24, 2005

The War in Iraq 2005

It is been almost 4 years since the 9/11 attack.
The United States and her Allies are still in Iraq trying to make the country democratic and constructions of cities that America destroyed during the major battle against Saddam Hussein.
The United States will not succeed on their agenda to make that country a better place to live for the Sunnis and Shiite Muslims. A country will be like the Philippines of middle Asia . A Democratic Country with insurgency, corruption and poverty.
The Americans are building schools, roads and other infrastructure but couldn't find the chemical weapons that Rumsfeld gave to Saddam during the Iran and Iraq war of the 80s.
Where are they Donald?
Majority of Americans think that their country is doing a great job by doing business during a war. Halliburton and other companies that make profits on war are the ones who are really succeeding on winning the pockets of the American Pride. I am not trying to assassinate nor destroy the intentions of the United States government for the Arab people. I am Filipino who believe that it will take 50 years for the American people to see the end of war but only the dead can see the end of war.
Goodluck America

June 09, 2005

Philippines Is Not A Dangerous Country Mr. Bill O'Reilly

What is wrong with Western Media!!!
Are they really so naive and narrow minded for what they think about my country. I can never understand that the Philippines was branded as the one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
Is it True?
Have you heard of an American or other Westerners getting killed in the Pearl of the Orient?
The Abu Sayaff , The Philippine Government, MILF and the NPA are traitors of my land. How can they say that We can change this country for the sake of the Filipino People.
I lived in the City of Angels before and it was just like the Philippines.
Ohhhh!!!! Mr. O'Reilly Duck!!!!!!

June 08, 2005

Philippine Independence - June 12th 1898

Katipunan Members!!!
Ang iyak ng Bayan ay hindi naririnig.
Ako ay Pilipino, Sa Puso at sa pag-iisip.
Bakit si Emilio Aguinaldo hindi pinaiyak ang Balintawak?