July 12, 2005

My People

The Filipino Poor
This is the reason why me and millions of other Filipinos left our country.
I will always remember the saga that I experienced in my life living in the Philippines. It was poor and middle class.
Sabe pa nga Nila "Buwesit talaga ang buhay sa Pilipinas".
(What a lousy life living in the Philippines)
I just laugh when I hear that coming from a fellow Filipino. Because it is not true and life in the Philippines is easier than living in other countries. Majority of my friends and classmates were poor but all of them survived the hot climate of the Philippines and eat the rotten cane that they harvest in the fields of dreams.
I mostly socialize with different types of Filipinos from the Mag-tataho(Tofu vendor) and to a son of a President of a famous bank. I learned to survive in the streets of Cabanatuan,Cebu,Davao and Metro Manila. It was easy for me to find my niche and survive without the help of my parents but with the helped of my impoverish friends.
People knew me but I didn't know them. I was famous but without the 15 minutes of fame. I was a star in my own third world but couldn't understand the events that I experienced in the 25 years of my life in the land of different culture.
I learned how to eat rice with sugar with my friends.
The good part is I still eat rice with sugar in the land of Sour Milk and Poison Honey.

July 06, 2005

King of the Hub

My last Year In Boston
I will be moving soon to Jacksonville, Florida. A better life or perhaps another struggle but I will continue to search for my American dream.
But afar from the east my land is still struggling to find itself and the struggle for freedom and democracy still continues. Perhaps one day my people will find their own dreams.