December 06, 2005

Moving Back to Boston

I have been looking for a job for almost two months now and still unemployed.
I will be leaving my family in Jacksonville, Florida. I don't feel so happy leaving my precious daughter and wife behind. But I have to sacrifice in order for them to have a better life in the future. Some people go to war just to feed their families. I am going back to New England to face the cold and to achieve my American Dream.
I have been warned by my friends, a fellow blogger and strangers that moving in Jax was a big gamble. I didn't listened but followed my heart to be with my family. We have a wonderful life and a nice house but no job for the man of the house. A big house that we are living in needs a lot of almighty dollar to maintain.
It might take some months to update my Blog but I will return and continue to show the world how an immigrant from the Philippines is finding his niche in the land of milk and honey.
May God Bless My Family.

Don Pepe

My Mother's Father.
My mother said that he was a smart,rich and a strict parent. My Grandfather was the top of his class, a mayor, a lawyer and one of the richest man in Pangasinan. I wished I have his wealth but the wealth is gone. Distributed to his Kasamahan a comprehensive land reform program of the Aquino administration.
I only knew him when I was 10 years old. I remembered when he took me to Rizal park and argued with everyone he encountered. The jeepney driver, the waiter and a parent of a kid.
He was half Spaniard and half Filipino.