December 26, 2006

MIT Fire Truck 2

Remember that Fire truck picture that I posted last October?

I found out that the Fire Truck was to commemorate the 5th Annivrsary of the September 11th attack.

Unfortunately the day is my birthday.

November 28, 2006

My Life

My family decided to separate from my life. I long journey to create a home is now over. My daughter and ex-fiancee are separated in a different roof and a life which half of my life is with them. I decided to have a life but with a better future and perhaps another home to build.
Will you be here to see another life created watch me turn the world in your own world?
My Journey continues....

November 08, 2006

A Black Governor

I didn't vote last night...
I couldn't imagine Massachusetts voted for a Black Governor. I thought an Irish Lady will cook the beans for tonight but I was wrong.
He will be the voice of the minorities in New England. Blacks in Dorchester have heard and smelled the popping of a innocent child and it should be over soon but will he succeed and be the first to achieve.

October 30, 2006

Got A New Job Today

I got a New job today with a unpredictable world with a growing pain to live.

Some people are nice and compassionate but some are just mistaken to be alive in a world of unpredictable future.

Someone you love is a mile away from you but a thousand miles from my heart. I never meant to be this way,

if I can change my life again, to push the limit of the gravity that pulls my world into a black hole.

I might do it again.

October 27, 2006

Pulang Bombero

Hindi ako sigurado kung ano ito bombero, ambulansiya, kotse o bus ba.
Ano kaya ito...Kurokotukotu.

October 21, 2006

MIT Fire Truck

Some MIT Students were bored again during the opening day of school.
They decided to put a vehicle on the MIT dome complete with a red siren.

I tried to take a good picture of it but it was a very cold morning and my hands were shaking from the cold.

Short Ram

Short Ram Air Intake

Short Ram Intake

Bought a Used Car

Fujita Competition Air Intake System.
I was bored so I decided to make my used car a little faster by installing a Fujita short ram intake.

September 21, 2006

A New Friend

I found a new friend today
on the web of glowing smile with unpredictable words to say.
Sometimes captivating but so far away in the City of Angels with tails.
A cellular that makes us one;
The friendship might last forever but sometimes time can never tell.
Two clans that knew each other from the past and now to unite in the land of milk and honey.

August 10, 2006

Cavite - A True Filipino Film

Emilio Aguinaldo's House in CAVITE.

Cavite is a superb, thrilling, captivating film about religion, relationship and being a Filipino.

I saw my beloved country thru the eyes of Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana that the Filipinos are still suffering from poverty and oppression.

I haven't been home for 11 years but I know our land is still divided in politics, religion and the rich and poor.

A sea of trash can create food for a day and makes life easier for Filipinos. The smile that hides the sadness can easily be forgotten.

A kid wearing a red and blue shirt eating micky d's on a corner of forgotten memories thinking about his future that it will never come true.

August 07, 2006

3 Wars

The American forces cannot make Iraq a democratic country without the Sunni and the Shi'ite, like in Vietnam only the people were to eradicate foreign rule and create a true government.
The Iraqi people can achieve the first Islamic democratic country in central Asia to destroy the terror that ruled their land for generations.
The 3 wars are for us to see forever.

July 19, 2006


It is been a long time when Israel committed itself to a war. A war for peace and attrition. The Israelis and the Arabs want peace and prosperity in the middle east.

The once who supplied Hate to the Hezbollah for the purpose of destroying each others race and to rule the land of God. To rule the land with barren soil and a sea of blood. Perhaps you and me can change our hearts and turn it to a real creation of God.

July 11, 2006

The Tunnel 2006

Another Scary Moment for Bostonians.
A woman was killed when the ceiling of the tunnel collapse.
The most expensive project in US history claimed the life of a young woman.

July 09, 2006

A Small Town

A small harbor in Maine.

We were on our way to Boston but decided to stop to have lunch by the harbor. It was alredy sunny that day after a long week of non-stop rain.

Some parts of Massachusetts and Maine were already flooded and the rest of the northeast.


A View from one of the Mountains of Arcadia.


I almost ran over a turtle while in Arcadia National Park.
We were on Park Loop Road doing the "Loop" the local people call it.

Foggy Maine

Bar Harbor in Maine

Fernando Amorsolo


Vicente Manansala


June 23, 2006


By Juan Luna 1884
The first cry of human rights in the Philippines through Luna's painting.
The blood compact of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna of Bohol was a betrayal for the Filipinos during those times.
After 400 years my people are still being drag like a dead gladiator into the darkness of poverty.
Spolation still exist in the Philippines and hunger is exploited by a living skeleton.

May 30, 2006


I lost a Friend today, she made me smile like an open flame;
Entertained my heart in a short way, mingled with my thoughts that crucified a friendship that will not last forever.
A new found friend was just actually a fling, like killing a fly when it touches your skin and slapped it with your fist and say no more to this.
But why did she disappear like a sudden thunder storm;
That left a poor man's heart bleeding.
I only tell you these and nothing more

May 13, 2006

Ferdinand Magellan's Cross

The Magellan's cross in Cebu City.

Photo by Someone

Loving You - Cebu

It's been quite a while,You've really kept me wanting you;You've got some style, so unique,You're beautiful, so warm, so deep Stay with me tonight, Let me know the kind o' love that will remain forever be, A dream that had become reality.
Ohh, lovin' you, woh is such an easy thing to do; No, you never know It's driven' me crazy' cause it grows and grows; But I won't let it stop, No I'm ot given' up Lovin' you, Lovin You just a bit too much. It's been quite a while I never felt so easily;
Wonder how you broke my style You're close to me I need you now.
Stay with me tonight It's got to be just too much love
I could remain and forever be
A dream that had become reality.
Ohh, lovin' you, woh is such an easy thing to do; No, you never know It's drivin' me crazy' cause it grows and grows; But I won't let it stop,No I'm ot given' up Lovin' you, Lovin You just a bit too much. Woh, Lovin' You Just a bit too much...
When I first heard this song I was in Cebu City. I was in 3rd grade A shool in Mango Avenue were majority of students were young ladies and male student were the minorities. I still remember those days when the Philippines was called the islands and Cebu was one of them. But now Cebu have changed to a Metropolis of the Visayas.
I love you Cebu..... Because it grows and grows.

April 20, 2006

Nina - A Filipina Rhythm and Blues Singer

Nina is an awesome young singer. When I first saw her video it reminded me of a Pinoy R&B. A complex and captivating voice of Nina and the songs that sticks to your head.
As a young singer. Nina is most likely to survive the high velocity life of a super singer. I am not promoting her but just giving a hand for a fellow Filipino.
If you want to know more about Nina
Click Here!!!
My ex-girlfriend Rachel now works for Nina.
What a coincidence....
This posting is dedicated to Ric Segreto who died in 1998
His song "Loving You" performed by Nina

April 12, 2006

Universal Healthcare Was Signed

The Governor of Massachusetts signed the bill for Universal Healthcare. It is time for the unfortunate to see a physician after a long wait for an affordable health insurance with a cost.

(1) the individual mandate: all state residents are required to purchase healthcare insurance. The gov will step in to help those who can't afford it.

(2) the employer mandate: all employers (w/ 11+ employees) are required to help pay for insurance ($295 per employee)

I hope Jacksonville, Florida and the rest of the country will follow the example of Massachusetts when it comes to taking care of it's poor and unemployed in different ways

The questions are....

What will I do now?

How much do I have to pay?

Can a small business can afford the cost of care?

The local government is still not helping me?

What about new taxes?

My plan was A Total Free Care for all residents of Massachusetts paid by the Local and Federal Government.

"Be seen and be taking care of " .

April 06, 2006

Do you have Health Insurance? Universal Healthcare

I called it then The Global Healthcare.
Why should I pay $35.00 to $50.00 a week for an individual healthcare insurance plan if I used it only once a year or sometimes never used it at all.
Wait for a Primary Care Physician for hours and will only be seen for 15 minutes.
The cost of care is like going to War in America. Quality of care is a reimbursement for the insurance companies to get their money back for doing business with their sick customers.
The lack of BS/RN, LPN, Nurses Aid, Midwives and Med Tech can increase the high cost of an insurance plan.
Importing nurses from the Philippines, India, Ireland and China can solve the issues for now but not for long.
I asked myself if America is spending fortunes to Armed herself for a Cold War that never happened. Spend Billions of dollars every month for the Iraq war.
Why can't they save millions of Americans that are fighting a War to survive the high cost of health premiums?
The Philippine government is doing it's best to ensure that every Filipinos have health insurance. There is a plan out there that is helping a poor Filipino but will it succeed and have the chance to make the Philippines a better place to live with a affordable health insurance for everyone.
An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away!!!

March 31, 2006

Cold Air 2

Do you see the difference?
Looks easy but it took me a week to figured out the right parts that will exactly fit.

Updated Cold Air

I installed the Universal MAF sensor adapter to avoid my filter from moving around. I did used an air filter adapter to hold my filter in place.

March 28, 2006

My project for a changing world

Short Ram Intake

There was a $65.00 after market performance cold air intake plus shipping and handling.

But I decided to do it myself just in case the Emission Inspector doesn't agree with my performance parts and wasted a lot of money for an intake that is illegal in Massachusetts and I can easily re-install the old stock air filter.

Cold Air

My custom made cold air intake.
I was bored so I decided to mingled around with my car.
I decided if the $2.42 a gallon of gas can eat my wallet. I rather spent the money for my car to make it faster and doesn't eat or should I say drink a lot of gas. The total cost of my Nissan 1997 cold air intake was $70.00
That will cost me a $25.00 full tank for 8 days or more depending on driving conditions. Not bad for a 70 buck investment that will last until the car dies.
I noticed that some people are avoiding the streets of Massachusetts because probably the high cost of petroleum.
I might study in how to fix a Hybrid soon.

March 02, 2006

Mudslide 2006

Leyte 2006
While Manila is in Chaos.
Leyte is mourning the men, women and children of Barrio Guinsaugon. At least 1,000 people perished on that day when a mountain claimed its people.
I wonder if the people of Guinsaugon have the time to read the newspapers for what is happening in Manila.

The Mosque

The Golden Mosque

February 25, 2006

Back Roads of Rhode Island

Speeding in the back roads of New England.
Actually I was only doing the speed limit of 45 mph.
I took this picture with my camera phone like all the pictures that I took in the month of February. I am just getting my dollars worth after buying a Bluetooth adapter and a cell phone with a camera.

The War in Iraq Part 3 - The Turning Point of The War

The Golden Mosque
The bombing of The Golden Mosque in Iraq is the last chance for terrorism to destroy for what the United States had conquered.
The last chance to destroy a nation that suffered almost a life time but the Iraqi people can unite to form the first democratic country in East Asia ruled by Muslims.
If America will not succeed in Iraq it will be just like the Philippines.
A country that will be rule by rich and powerful politicians. Different factions will destroy each other, politically, religiously and economically.
If the Iraqi people will fall in the hands of terror.
Terrorism will rule their land forever. The Sunni and the Shiite are one race and one religion. It is time for them to believe that they all believe in Allah
Our God.

February 13, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006

The Storm didn't really hit Boston. The 18 inches of snow was gone before midnight probably the effect of the Global warming.
I can already feel the very hot and humid summer in the Philippines. Especially in Manila and other densely populated cities in the islands.
I wish the precious jeepneys that the Filipino cherish will stop coughing the black smoke. But if that cough will be cured the life blood will be dead.

February 11, 2006

Another Blizzard

The weather forecast for tonight (02/11/06) is Blizzard 10-15 inches predicted but who knows. New England weather is unpredictable.


Beacon Street.
Another Picture from my Camera Phone.

Inside a House in Jacksonville

I took this picture with my camera phone and transefered the pictures that I took via Bluetooth adapter connected to my computer.
Amazing technology I can even use a mouse, headset, printers etc... without any wires connected to my computer.
I missed our entertainmant room. I watched a lot of movies during my short stay in Jax.

February 09, 2006

Archbishop Pedro Pelaez

The Godfather of the Philippine Revolution.
By Mr. Perry Diaz

The Philippine Revolution of 1896 was supposedly inspired by the martyrdom of the Filipino priests Fathers Jose Burgos, Jacinto Zamora and Mariano Gomez. This is what most Philippine history books claim. On that fateful day of February 17, 1872, the three Filipino secular priests were executed by "garrote" for treason against Spain.

According to the charges made against them and about 50 other priests and civilians, they were involved in the "Cavite Mutiny" on January 20, 1872. Father Burgos was allegedly the mastermind of the uprising. The gruesome public execution by the heinous "garrote" of the Filipino priests -- later known as the GOMBURZA (GOMez BURgos ZAmora) martyrs -- at Bagumbayan (known as Luneta today) outside Intramuros, galvanized the Filipino people and brought to the forefront of debate the notion of independence.

What the history books did not mention was the actual events that led to the martyrdom of GOMBURZA. Fr. Burgos, who took the cudgel of leadership of the Filipino clergy upon the untimely death of Archbishop Pedro Pelaez -- the first Filipino to become Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Manila -- was singled out for allegedly planning a revolution and establish himself as the President of an independent Philippines. Nothing was farther from the truth. All he wanted was for the Filipino clergy to have equal opportunity to serve the spiritual needs of their people.

One might wonder, how did Filipinos become members of the clergy? When the Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish colonies by King Carlos I in 1768, it opened the door for Filipinos to fill the void created by the departure of the Jesuits. Thus, the secularization of the clergy began with the ordination of Filipino priests. However, the friars of the monastic orders disdained the entry of Filipinos into the clergy. After all, they had exclusive control of the Philippine clergy for more than 200 years. The term "Filipino" during the colonial period referred to a descendant of mixed parentage (Spanish father and native mother). At that time, there were approximately 300 Filipino secular priests.

Fr. Pedro Pelaez, a young diocesan priest from Pagsanjan, Laguna was an advocate for the Filipino clergy. He requested the authorities for the appointment of Filipino priests as parish priests in the Archdiocese of Manila. His request was denied on the basis that Filipino priests were unfit and ignorant. Fr. Pelaez insisted that Filipino priests were as qualified as the friars. His persistence paid off when his request was granted on the following conditions: (1) Filipino priests should pass the National Board Examination, (2) The topnotcher of the board examination would automatically become the Parish Priest of the Manila Cathedral, (3) The Parish Priest of the Manila Cathedral would be ex officio the Capitular Vicar of the Cathedral Canons, and (4) In the demise of the Archbishop of Manila, he becomes ipso facto the Acting Archbishop of Manila.

Fr. Pelaez took the National Board Examination and -- to the consternation of the friars -- topped the examination. As agreed upon; Fr. Pelaez became the Parish Priest of the Manila Cathedral, the most coveted parish and the seat of the archdiocese for the entire archipelago. On April 18 ,1862, Archbishop Jose Aranguren passed away and Fr. Pelaez automatically became the Acting Archbishop of Manila and that of the entire colony, an event that infuriated the friars.

Prior to Fr. Pelaez's ascendancy to the archbishopric, Queen Isabella II in 1859 -- after 91 years of banishment -- allowed the Jesuits to return to the Philippines. The Jesuits were assigned to Mindanao displacing the Recollects. The Recollects lobbied for Queen Isabella II to turn over to them the parishes in Cavite and Manila held by the Filipino clergy. On September 10, 1861, Queen Isabella II issued a royal decree for the Recollects to take over the parishes in Cavite and Manila.

Archbishop Pelaez was hurt by the royal decree and decided to write a letter to the Queen requesting the revocation of her decree for reasons of justice and humanity. He also defended the integrity of the Filipino clergy who were displaced by the Recollects. This caused a rift with the friars who began attacking Archbishop Pelaez accusing him of insurrection and separation from Mother Spain. The calumny against Archbishop Pelaez was intensified. The handwriting was on the wall. But fate saved Archbishop Pelaez from the wrath of the friars. On June 3, 1863, while Archbishop Pelaez was having his weekly confession inside the Manila Cathedral, an earthquake occurred shattering the Cathedral. Archbishop Pelaez was buried in the ruins of the Cathedral; thus, denying the friars the vengeance that they wanted to exact upon him.

The attack against Archbishop Pelaez continued even after his death. La Verdad, the official organ of the friars in Madrid published scathing articles against Archbishop Pelaez, the Secular Clergy and the Filipino people. Fr. Burgos, who was then the Parish Priest of the Manila Cathedral, wrote a lengthy reply, "Manifesto to the Noble Spanish People," and published it anonymously in Manila. This irked the friars who suspected him as the author of the manifesto. That was the "death sentence" for Fr. Burgos.

When 200 soldiers in the Cavite armory revolted, Fr. Burgos was implicated in what became to be known as the "Cavite Mutiny." The "mutiny" occurred on January 20, 1872. It was over the next day with the arrest of 12 Filipino priests and 42 Filipino civilians. After a hastened trial, they were found "guilty" by a military court martial and the priests were executed by "garrote" and most of the civilians were executed by a firing squad. A few were sent to exile. Interestingly, those whose lives were spared were Masons. And so was Rafael de Izquierdo, the Governor General at that time.

In the ensuing 20 years after the "Cavite Mutiny," the martyrdom of Frs. Burgos, Gomez, and Zamora roused the Filipino people. They began to entertain the notion of separation and independence by whatever means. The new breed of educated "illustrados" became the catalyst for the Revolution of 1896.

Had Archbishop Pedro Pelaez survived the earthquake in 1863, he would have been one of the martyrs. It was Archbishop Pelaez's advocacy for the rights of the Filipino clergy that planted the seeds of the Revolution. Yet, he was never acknowledged by historians for his role that led to fruition of the Philippine independence movement. until Rev. Dr. Josemaria Luengo, after years of research and perusal of original documents in archives around the world, wrote his book, :"History of the Philippines focus on PELBURGOMZA: Galvanizers of Filipino Freedom and Independence 1812-1872," and published in November 2000.

February 04, 2006

Modern Manila


One of the first City in Asia to have Electric Trollies like the Boston Greenline.

After a Storm

Storrow with Snow

The end of the guzzler is near. Perhaps the Hybrid cars that Honda introduced to the world will make us breath the air of life. President Bush is 10 years behind with his knowledge of the global warming, that you and I are experiencing right at this moment of our lives. His State of the Nation address for 2006 was the effect of being an oil man of Texas. The chunk of Iceberg in Greenland is almost the size of our hearts. If that ice keep moving forward to the sea of life it will flood our hearts and drown us in eternity. It will teach us the true meaning of being a Human Being.



Maganda sa Boston tuwing Blizzard.
(It's lovely to be in Boston during a blizzard)

I just love the snow.

January 31, 2006

5th Street

Our 5th Street House before the renovation. It looks Strange but it's true.

January 06, 2006

Taking Time

Boston is still cold and Grey.
I had a temporary job for a week and a half but the assignment ended up abruptly.
I took my time in Boston but decided to have another long vacation with my family in Jacksonville. My wife and daughter are happy to see me again after a month away from them. I am still deciding if I will go back to school to be an Automotive Technician. I love fixing cars and adding some performance parts with it.
I couldn't believe that I have been jobless for almost three months now. My wife is not so worried about me. I wish I feel the same but I'm not because I am the man of the house and I need to support my family.
We decided to move back to Boston not because Jacksonville is a slow city to live but the educational system in this City is almost compared to Louisiana.
I want my child to attend the best school in America to achieve her dreams. Boston is one of the City in America that can make her dreams come true.
I have to drive back again to Boston. My family will follow after I prepared our old condominium, suitable to cater my lovable daughter.
I wish I never left the Philippines, never immigrated to the land of milk and honey. Perhaps I have a better life in the Pearl of the Orient but without a wonderful wife and daughter. I wish I was born in America and have the ability to manipulate my life in a different way but Filipinos are also capable of doing the extra ordinary achievement of a life time.
Perhaps that extra ordinary achievement of a life time will become a reality.
For me and my Family