January 31, 2006

5th Street

Our 5th Street House before the renovation. It looks Strange but it's true.

January 06, 2006

Taking Time

Boston is still cold and Grey.
I had a temporary job for a week and a half but the assignment ended up abruptly.
I took my time in Boston but decided to have another long vacation with my family in Jacksonville. My wife and daughter are happy to see me again after a month away from them. I am still deciding if I will go back to school to be an Automotive Technician. I love fixing cars and adding some performance parts with it.
I couldn't believe that I have been jobless for almost three months now. My wife is not so worried about me. I wish I feel the same but I'm not because I am the man of the house and I need to support my family.
We decided to move back to Boston not because Jacksonville is a slow city to live but the educational system in this City is almost compared to Louisiana.
I want my child to attend the best school in America to achieve her dreams. Boston is one of the City in America that can make her dreams come true.
I have to drive back again to Boston. My family will follow after I prepared our old condominium, suitable to cater my lovable daughter.
I wish I never left the Philippines, never immigrated to the land of milk and honey. Perhaps I have a better life in the Pearl of the Orient but without a wonderful wife and daughter. I wish I was born in America and have the ability to manipulate my life in a different way but Filipinos are also capable of doing the extra ordinary achievement of a life time.
Perhaps that extra ordinary achievement of a life time will become a reality.
For me and my Family