February 11, 2006

Inside a House in Jacksonville

I took this picture with my camera phone and transefered the pictures that I took via Bluetooth adapter connected to my computer.
Amazing technology I can even use a mouse, headset, printers etc... without any wires connected to my computer.
I missed our entertainmant room. I watched a lot of movies during my short stay in Jax.


RWZ said...

What's that movie you were watching?

WeNG said...

ahahahhahaha!!! after a year of posting this, i read it... and i laughed out loud when you said "amazing technology" when in fact, at this period of time, it doesn't seem to be amazing at all... nice one, though... it's just like a news posted in the year 1920 that said, "ooh, i bought a house and it's so expensive... i bought it for 2 grand ($2,000)... hehehe!!!