March 31, 2006

Cold Air 2

Do you see the difference?
Looks easy but it took me a week to figured out the right parts that will exactly fit.

Updated Cold Air

I installed the Universal MAF sensor adapter to avoid my filter from moving around. I did used an air filter adapter to hold my filter in place.

March 28, 2006

My project for a changing world

Short Ram Intake

There was a $65.00 after market performance cold air intake plus shipping and handling.

But I decided to do it myself just in case the Emission Inspector doesn't agree with my performance parts and wasted a lot of money for an intake that is illegal in Massachusetts and I can easily re-install the old stock air filter.

Cold Air

My custom made cold air intake.
I was bored so I decided to mingled around with my car.
I decided if the $2.42 a gallon of gas can eat my wallet. I rather spent the money for my car to make it faster and doesn't eat or should I say drink a lot of gas. The total cost of my Nissan 1997 cold air intake was $70.00
That will cost me a $25.00 full tank for 8 days or more depending on driving conditions. Not bad for a 70 buck investment that will last until the car dies.
I noticed that some people are avoiding the streets of Massachusetts because probably the high cost of petroleum.
I might study in how to fix a Hybrid soon.

March 02, 2006

Mudslide 2006

Leyte 2006
While Manila is in Chaos.
Leyte is mourning the men, women and children of Barrio Guinsaugon. At least 1,000 people perished on that day when a mountain claimed its people.
I wonder if the people of Guinsaugon have the time to read the newspapers for what is happening in Manila.

The Mosque

The Golden Mosque