April 06, 2006

Do you have Health Insurance? Universal Healthcare

I called it then The Global Healthcare.
Why should I pay $35.00 to $50.00 a week for an individual healthcare insurance plan if I used it only once a year or sometimes never used it at all.
Wait for a Primary Care Physician for hours and will only be seen for 15 minutes.
The cost of care is like going to War in America. Quality of care is a reimbursement for the insurance companies to get their money back for doing business with their sick customers.
The lack of BS/RN, LPN, Nurses Aid, Midwives and Med Tech can increase the high cost of an insurance plan.
Importing nurses from the Philippines, India, Ireland and China can solve the issues for now but not for long.
I asked myself if America is spending fortunes to Armed herself for a Cold War that never happened. Spend Billions of dollars every month for the Iraq war.
Why can't they save millions of Americans that are fighting a War to survive the high cost of health premiums?
The Philippine government is doing it's best to ensure that every Filipinos have health insurance. There is a plan out there that is helping a poor Filipino but will it succeed and have the chance to make the Philippines a better place to live with a affordable health insurance for everyone.
An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away!!!

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RWZ said...

Thanks for the comments Achilles. BTW, did you know the lead singer from the band "pussycat dolls" is Phil-Am? Pilipina-Hawaiian-Russian.

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