May 30, 2006


I lost a Friend today, she made me smile like an open flame;
Entertained my heart in a short way, mingled with my thoughts that crucified a friendship that will not last forever.
A new found friend was just actually a fling, like killing a fly when it touches your skin and slapped it with your fist and say no more to this.
But why did she disappear like a sudden thunder storm;
That left a poor man's heart bleeding.
I only tell you these and nothing more


weng said...

another "duh"! i hope you're over with this...

who is this friend, btw? :-P

Anonymous said...

wow, love your blog, nothing formal... I just started my " formal" blogging... come cherck it out sometime... wordpress... llaga22. love ur last entry. I am a full blooded Fil, born, raised and educated in the Phils., hopefully, to retire and die there too.

WeNG said...

left a poor man's heart bleeding??? echos! chuva-chuva eklavo! :-P