July 19, 2006


It is been a long time when Israel committed itself to a war. A war for peace and attrition. The Israelis and the Arabs want peace and prosperity in the middle east.

The once who supplied Hate to the Hezbollah for the purpose of destroying each others race and to rule the land of God. To rule the land with barren soil and a sea of blood. Perhaps you and me can change our hearts and turn it to a real creation of God.

July 11, 2006

The Tunnel 2006

Another Scary Moment for Bostonians.
A woman was killed when the ceiling of the tunnel collapse.
The most expensive project in US history claimed the life of a young woman.

July 09, 2006

A Small Town

A small harbor in Maine.

We were on our way to Boston but decided to stop to have lunch by the harbor. It was alredy sunny that day after a long week of non-stop rain.

Some parts of Massachusetts and Maine were already flooded and the rest of the northeast.


A View from one of the Mountains of Arcadia.


I almost ran over a turtle while in Arcadia National Park.
We were on Park Loop Road doing the "Loop" the local people call it.

Foggy Maine

Bar Harbor in Maine

Fernando Amorsolo


Vicente Manansala