January 08, 2007

Hongkong Siopao

I found a new friend today with an appetite for destruction and a beauty from a country with a 3,000 year old History.
She is a dragon with a twist of lemon from uncle sam.
She will be the seller and a buyer.
A Buyer and a Seller for a 4 wheel motion and a low rider for everyone.
She might be the one but I have to wait for another pit stop
before I chase the checker flag.


Weng said...

it's so hard to understand unless you will explain to me... wehehe!!! don't tell me "go figure!" what was your mood when you wrote this? frustrated? happy? bad trip? :-P

AKILEZ said...
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AKILEZ said...

frustrated like a race car driver.

Anonymous said...

please check my blog... i signed up here... *WiNK*