August 29, 2007

Alive in Baghdad - Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq

I don't know the Iraqi people but I have respect for the Iraqis trying desperately to create Democracy in their own Land.

As a Filipino who also fought for Democracy, I believe that We should help the People of Iraq to destroy terror that lingers in their hearts and minds. Their own land that is crying in blood and pushing the World into Terror.

If Terror succeed in Iraq it will destroy our World and will have a war in the name of Religion.

So, Much War for the Iraqi People and so much lives had been destroyed

August 17, 2007

Dreams Are Made For Children

I love my daughter if I can only make the world better for her without seeing the blood and hatred that we see each day of our lives.
She is a happy kid and she will always be happy for the rest of her life.
I remember when I was a kid that growing up in a third world country is not easy.
Dreaming about dreams that will never come true and the reality of being poor is always a nightmare.
Ava was born in the land of Milk and Honey where Dreams are meant to come true and a great future is just at the end of the road.
Perhaps when she grows up and matured to be a fine Lady. she will remember where her Father came from in the land where dreams are hard to reach.
I Love you Beat.......