August 17, 2007

Dreams Are Made For Children

I love my daughter if I can only make the world better for her without seeing the blood and hatred that we see each day of our lives.
She is a happy kid and she will always be happy for the rest of her life.
I remember when I was a kid that growing up in a third world country is not easy.
Dreaming about dreams that will never come true and the reality of being poor is always a nightmare.
Ava was born in the land of Milk and Honey where Dreams are meant to come true and a great future is just at the end of the road.
Perhaps when she grows up and matured to be a fine Lady. she will remember where her Father came from in the land where dreams are hard to reach.
I Love you Beat.......


WeNG said...

it's such a sweet realization that once we have kids, our lives will change... we live for them and not for ourselves anymore... i am a single mom of 3 smart and beautiful kids... i learn to work left and right with my 3 jobs - 12 hrs/day, 5-6 days/week... my body wants to complain but my mind gets stronger as i hear them laugh, as i see them living in a very blissful life... GOD never sleeps... someday we'll reap the fruit of our hard work just as my parents are now proud of our achievements...

Sidney said...

You have a sweet and cute daughter!
Yes, make her happy !