November 19, 2007


We accidentally bumped each other on the net'twas twenty years the last time we met we were so young then minding our own lives never thought we'd fall in love after all these times; friends were excited to hear our story; the love we shared was long distance, sadly but we'd managed to get along smoothly we talked 24/7 on the phone like crazy you've tried to show your honesty to me but i was this child like who refused your sincerity lately i guess i was a headache to you prolly because we're apart, i was blue i've nothing much to complain about the love we'd shared the trying times in surviving this relationship were enough to end the hardship i've no regrets in loving you it didn't work 'cuz we both knew meeting eye to eye isn't really possible'cuz we both refused to look at the same direction i just wish you love and happiness and may you find your own success"you'll always be a part of me you shared this love with me i'll carry it always..."