November 22, 2007


Who is a Christian?

The definition of who is a "Christian" varies among different Christian groups. Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and many Protestants define a Christian as one who is a member of the Church, which one enters through the sacrament of baptism. In these churches, infants who are baptized may be considered Christians.
Some denominations teach that adult baptism is necessary for salvation — the transition from non-Christian to Christian (see Baptismal regeneration).
They define a Christian as one who has been baptized as a repenting adult. Others, including many who use the term
"born-again Christians"
(John 3:3), believe that a Christian is one who believes and follows Jesus and repents of their sins.

Within countries where Christianity is the historical majority religion, the term is also used by some in a casual generic sense to indicate that they are not members of nor affiliated with any other religion – therefore considering themselves Christians by default.

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WeNG said...

ako yata 'yung CHRISTIAN by default... non-denominational ako... basta kamukha ng faith ko ang church, doon ako nagsisimba... religion is not the subject here... it's how you KNOW JESUS CHRIST and how you relate to HIM...

again, read the bible... the bible ALONE can answer your questions.. not reading the bible can make us BLIND...