December 24, 2007

Christmas 2007

It is December 2007 and it's a very long cold winter in New England. This would be my Ninetenth year in America celebrating Christmas alone with nobody to give gifts to and no one to celebrate with.

Unintentional circumstances that I cannot explain.

To celebrate Christmas alone without my parents, relatives and friends.

In the Philippines when I see poor kids banging their home made Christmas instrument made of cans and old bottle caps to make rhythm with their out of tune Christmas carol.

When I see Christmas lantern in every houses in the city, but the ring a ding is missing in my life. I don't usually attend an early mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I grew up apart from my parents. Celebrated each Christmas with different people and different style.

My true love is hanging on the Christmas tree but might never come down to celebrate Christmas with me.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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