December 14, 2007

Philippines Circa 2007

In 1976 the exchange rate of a dollar was P4.00
There were curfew in Cebu, Davao and Manila.

The Southern Philippines was the most hard hit for Proclamation 1081.

The Pandesal was popularized thru song and dance.
My Step-father left for Saudi Arabia, the first batch of overseas contract workers to be employed by the POEA.

My Step Father was so lucky because the economy of the Philippines was getting worst.

There were no jobs, no tourist and
No multi-national companies investing in the Philippines.
The dollar exchange rate was low but Filipinos were dying of hunger.
I had television in my bed room but there was nothing to watch
Just student canteen and the news about other countries,
But the news about my country can be seen,
When I peek from my bedroom window.

Our Breakfast was our lunch and our lunch was our dinner.
The food cycle can be changed depending on the budget.

10 years after 1976. The People Power Revolution suddenly influenced the entire world to resist the oppression and aggression of a government from the Iron Curtain, South Korean revolt and Tienanmen Massacre.

It is almost 2 thousand and 8 the peso is P44.00 against the almighty dollar.
There are multi-national companies investing in the Philippines.
Over Pass in Makati, Mandaluyong, Cubao and Roxas Boulevard.
One of the biggest mall in Asia was built.
Remittance is almost $1 Billion for 2007.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will give Bonuses to government employees.

The Philippines has changed but the minds of the Filipinos are still in 1976.

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