April 03, 2008

Central Luzon

Cabanatuan City

I might not see Cabanatuan again because of bad memories.
My life was bitter and hot in Cabanatuan. I left my poor friends sweating like a cow.
The violence I saw was just tremendous not to forget.
The place was full of memories but majority of the memories are easily forgotten because it wasn't the type of life that you will write on your diary.
I fell in love in Cabanatuan. One lasted almost a decade, One was just non-sense
and a continues love
in the land of milk and honey.

Perhaps when the hot climate of Nueva Ecija subside and people I knew will remember me for the things that made them laughed and smiled without a knife in my back.

Election day is just a normal killing day for this city. When fellow politicians will kill for the sake of their ballot boxes and kicking the dead bodies is the way to be elected.

Cabanatuan is not the place to be when you are looking for a peaceful life. Because life in Cabanatuan is much bloodier than the war in Iraq.
I hope this City will change soon and the violence will be forgotten.

Wake up Cabanatuan blood is not the answer to life

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