April 01, 2008


That's okay be happy and be good with your life.

You bombarded me not to call you again and I did.
You said goodbye and I accepted it.
I tried to approached you but you treated me like a trash.
You betrayed the love that was really meant for you,
And that was enough; but for me.
Go baby go for someone else to love.
But not now but in the future.

But you couldn't even wait to heal the love that I gave you.
Just a friend from the past reminded you of the past.

Single I must be for now because I cherish the love that was only meant for you.
But you always had doubts not me and it destroyed the love that I gave you.
But go on and goodbye for you should decide not to be with me anymore.
A cold winter in New England had past and the grave of Poe will be warmth.

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