May 30, 2008

2008 Boston Train Accident Part 1

The train operator was supposed to stop but hit the other train from behind.
We will know the answer in one year.

May 27, 2008

Cris And Ed

He is not feeling well and was diagnosed
with a sickness that can or cannot be heal by modern medicine.
He is the surrogate parent for John and Robert Kennedy.
A senator that was responsible for the Patients' Bill of Rights and the Universal Health Care that is now implemented in Massachusetts.
He is not only a senator in the northeast but also in southeast Asia.
Chappaquiddick incident was his history but can easily forgotten
for his role in supporting the People Power revolution of the Philippines.
Supported the Filipino people for our fight for democracy and
The Presidency of Corazon C Aquino.
The Filipino people owe you a Thank you for supporting my people
during the Marcos dictatorship.
Salamat Po!!!

The Hero of the Filipino Laborer, he was supposed to die in jail during the Marcos regime or the present government of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo but he died accidentally from a bad fall.

He was the champion of the Filipino masses, the high humidity in Manila didn't stop him from marching to Mendiola bridge with the banner of the

Crispin Beltran was supposed to be a communist but with a democratic reform and a peaceful way to shout his frustration in the streets of Manila.

He created reform and gave the Filipino laborer a chance to be heard by the past and present Philippine government.
He was a silent hero but carried a big stick.

Mabuhay Si Crispin Beltran!

May 24, 2008

2008 U.S. Economy - A Depression?

Doesn't trouble any of you when you see what you doing to us, the profits that your taking, the cost that your imposing to the American People?
These were the words of a Senator who questioned the U.S. oil companies during a hearing on rising gas prices.
The United States economy is not ready for this depression.
thousands of American families lost their houses and the rising oil per barrel is not the answer for the weeping Americans.
Europeans has been paying this oil for barrel for almost a decade now but your economy is different from America. Not only Americans are suffering, the almighty dollar is losing its grip from the world.
Lesser cars on the road the better for the environment but bad for business, the inflation might deflate and might not inflate again.
The middle class use to suffer but now the upper class is being in the middle.
But the almighty dollar can be stretch if you have the right formula.
God Bless America and Good luck!

May 20, 2008

NAS - The Helper And Protector

Nasir Jones

American Hip Hop Artist

(born September 14, 1973),

better known by his stage name Nas, formerly Nasty Nas, is an American rapper. Son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas is well known for his 1994 debut album Illmatic. This album established Nas as one of hip-hop's most profound lyricists, introducing his signature poetic style. Raised in the notorious Queensbridge housing projects in New York City, he represents a continuation of a hip-hop tradition in Queensbridge that has spanned through early hip-hop, including the Juice Crew, Mobb Deep, and MC Shan.

I first heard of Nas in the 90's when the Fugees was still a hip hop artist, Tupac was still alive and P diddy was still Puff daddy.

I like Nas cause his radical and subversive but politically correct at all times.

I like his name, it sounds like Nos as in Nitrous Oxide a chemical compound

is sometimes injected into the intake manifold of a car to increase speed.

May 19, 2008

2008 China Earthquake

3 mins of silence in China.
The Chinese Government is now demonstrating kindness or just a show to prove to the world that they are ready for the Olympic games.

A Humanitarian force that can be in force if the government will do its part to help the masses. This act can be permitted in Burma to help the hundreds of thousands of victims of a horrendous cyclone that made Myanmar a grave.

The whole world wanted to help but the Junta of course dictates.
There was nothing to be done and ignore about the facts that their country smell like dead spirits.

An epidemic might scatter not only from the neighboring countries of Burma but to the entire world.
Should the people of Burma rise up like the people of Sri Lanka or Tibet to show to the world that they had enough even if it was just a short victory to demonstrate equality.

The Filipino people demonstrated People Power to the world and this can be used in those countries.

But who are the leaders of those countries to lead them into a peaceful victory?

May 18, 2008

A Filipino Fighting For The People Of Burma (Myanmar)

The August 2007 demonstrations were led by well-known dissidents, such as Min Ko Naing (with the nom de guerre Conqueror of Kings), Su Su Nway (now in hiding) and others.

The military quickly cracked down and still has not allowed the International Red Cross to visit Min Ko Naing and others who are reportedly in Insein Prison after being severely tortured.

Reports have surfaced of at least one death, of activist Win Shwe, under interrogation.

On 19 September 2007, several hundred (possibly 2000 or more) monks staged a protest march in the city of Sittwe.Larger protests in Rangoon and elsewhere ensued over the following days. Security became increasingly heavy handed, resulting in a number of deaths and injuries.

By 28 September, internet access had been cut and journalists were reputedly warned not to report on protests.Internet access was restored by at least midnight of 5 October, Burmese time.

Sources in Burm said on 6 October that the internet seems to be working from 22:00 to 05:00 local time.

October 13, 2007, the military junta of Burma made people march in a government rally, reportedly paying some participants 1000 kyat (approximately $0.80) each.

Junta officials also approached local factories and demanded they provide 50 workers each; if they didn't, they were to be fined.

7 February 2008, SPDC announced that there will be referendum for the Constitution in May 2008, and Election by 2010.

Various global corporations have been criticized for profiting from the dictatorship by financing Burma's military junta
World governments remain divided on how to deal with the military junta.

Calls for further sanctions by United Kingdom, United States, and France are opposed by neighboring countries; in particular, China has stated its belief that "sanctions or pressure will not help to solve the issue".

History Courtesy From Wikipedia

May 13, 2008

The Filipino Attitude Part 2

How Filipinos treat other Filipino immigrants in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Some Filipinos who never experience good life in the Philippines treated other Filipinos in America like a trash and a piece of manure.

They never experience good life in the Philippines and act like they own the entire world when they settle down in America with high paying jobs.

I am so disappointed with some Filipinos who laughed, ridiculed,humiliated and embarassed other Filipinos because they make more money than those unfortunate Filipino immigrants.

Remember my fellow Filipinos We came from a third world country.
We are all struggling to survive and work so hard to make a better future for ourselves and for the Philippines.
We are all victims of poverty and in justices by the Marcos regime but until now We are still suffering not from the government but from our own People.

We never look back where we come from because you are making tons of money but in fact you are still poor in heart and still living in ridicule and a materialistic world.

You forgot where you come from!!!
The Philippines.
I wrote this piece for my 70 year old mother who was just recently been verbally abuse. My mother has only been here for 2 years and she already experienced maltreatment from her own people.

America And Cebu

I have been living in America for 15 years.
I wish I never came here and never tasted the milk and honey that everyone in the world is craving.
I was happy being poor in the pearl of the orient.

I wish I was in Cebu where my heart belongs and the dream that became a reality. I always wake up smiling in Cebu where I can smell the ocean breeze during low tide and watched the splashing of the waves on high tide.

I craved to be in Cebu where I grew up and learned to harvest clams and get spooked by a sea snake.

I learned to speak Cebuano and learned to respect the elderly but my experiences was interrupted when my parents decided to move to Pangasinan.

I never wanted to live in America but my Mother warned me of the economic instability of the Philippines and a scar that cannot be remove.
The scar that the Filipino people are still trying to heal from the past.

I fell in love in Cebu like a puppy licking its wound to be healed. I never wanted to live in America because I wanted to live and die in Cebu but now in Boston.

May 10, 2008

Boston Orange Line

The Boston and Manila public transportation system are almost identical.

May 06, 2008

Three High School Students

This is a documentary project on the 1986 People Power Revolution, written..., composed and edited by three 7th grade students from Syracuse, New York, for the Junior Group Documentary category of National History Day 2006. This documentary took first place at the regional level, second place at the New York state level, and narrowly missed becoming one of the top 12 finalists in the National History Day competition held from June 11-15, 2006 at the University of Maryland. This documentary also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA Revolution that restored democracy in the Philippines after 20 years of martial law. This documentary gratefully acknowledges the not-for-profit fair use of copyrighted video and graphical material from various sources listed in the end credits.
The studens were brilliant they did their research well and I am proud of them even though I don't know them.

A Brief History Of The Philippines

The Philippine President

Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Her dad was the former President of the Philippines. A classmate of President Bill Clinton and a very good economist. She is very well educated and been ridicule for being corrupt or just being a President.

As far as I know she is smarter than President George W. Bush.

Yes!!! the peso is 2 pennies against the almighty dollar but the economy is strong

and foreign nationals are investing in the Pearl of the Orient.

2008 Metropolitan Manila

Fly Over.
Filipino engineers call it fly over.
what do you call them in your country?