May 19, 2008

2008 China Earthquake

3 mins of silence in China.
The Chinese Government is now demonstrating kindness or just a show to prove to the world that they are ready for the Olympic games.

A Humanitarian force that can be in force if the government will do its part to help the masses. This act can be permitted in Burma to help the hundreds of thousands of victims of a horrendous cyclone that made Myanmar a grave.

The whole world wanted to help but the Junta of course dictates.
There was nothing to be done and ignore about the facts that their country smell like dead spirits.

An epidemic might scatter not only from the neighboring countries of Burma but to the entire world.
Should the people of Burma rise up like the people of Sri Lanka or Tibet to show to the world that they had enough even if it was just a short victory to demonstrate equality.

The Filipino people demonstrated People Power to the world and this can be used in those countries.

But who are the leaders of those countries to lead them into a peaceful victory?

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