May 27, 2008

Cris And Ed

He is not feeling well and was diagnosed
with a sickness that can or cannot be heal by modern medicine.
He is the surrogate parent for John and Robert Kennedy.
A senator that was responsible for the Patients' Bill of Rights and the Universal Health Care that is now implemented in Massachusetts.
He is not only a senator in the northeast but also in southeast Asia.
Chappaquiddick incident was his history but can easily forgotten
for his role in supporting the People Power revolution of the Philippines.
Supported the Filipino people for our fight for democracy and
The Presidency of Corazon C Aquino.
The Filipino people owe you a Thank you for supporting my people
during the Marcos dictatorship.
Salamat Po!!!

The Hero of the Filipino Laborer, he was supposed to die in jail during the Marcos regime or the present government of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo but he died accidentally from a bad fall.

He was the champion of the Filipino masses, the high humidity in Manila didn't stop him from marching to Mendiola bridge with the banner of the

Crispin Beltran was supposed to be a communist but with a democratic reform and a peaceful way to shout his frustration in the streets of Manila.

He created reform and gave the Filipino laborer a chance to be heard by the past and present Philippine government.
He was a silent hero but carried a big stick.

Mabuhay Si Crispin Beltran!

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