May 13, 2008

America And Cebu

I have been living in America for 15 years.
I wish I never came here and never tasted the milk and honey that everyone in the world is craving.
I was happy being poor in the pearl of the orient.

I wish I was in Cebu where my heart belongs and the dream that became a reality. I always wake up smiling in Cebu where I can smell the ocean breeze during low tide and watched the splashing of the waves on high tide.

I craved to be in Cebu where I grew up and learned to harvest clams and get spooked by a sea snake.

I learned to speak Cebuano and learned to respect the elderly but my experiences was interrupted when my parents decided to move to Pangasinan.

I never wanted to live in America but my Mother warned me of the economic instability of the Philippines and a scar that cannot be remove.
The scar that the Filipino people are still trying to heal from the past.

I fell in love in Cebu like a puppy licking its wound to be healed. I never wanted to live in America because I wanted to live and die in Cebu but now in Boston.

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