May 13, 2008

The Filipino Attitude Part 2

How Filipinos treat other Filipino immigrants in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Some Filipinos who never experience good life in the Philippines treated other Filipinos in America like a trash and a piece of manure.

They never experience good life in the Philippines and act like they own the entire world when they settle down in America with high paying jobs.

I am so disappointed with some Filipinos who laughed, ridiculed,humiliated and embarassed other Filipinos because they make more money than those unfortunate Filipino immigrants.

Remember my fellow Filipinos We came from a third world country.
We are all struggling to survive and work so hard to make a better future for ourselves and for the Philippines.
We are all victims of poverty and in justices by the Marcos regime but until now We are still suffering not from the government but from our own People.

We never look back where we come from because you are making tons of money but in fact you are still poor in heart and still living in ridicule and a materialistic world.

You forgot where you come from!!!
The Philippines.
I wrote this piece for my 70 year old mother who was just recently been verbally abuse. My mother has only been here for 2 years and she already experienced maltreatment from her own people.

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Brad said...

Hi there,
Although an older post, it is so very true.
It happens a lot here in Australia as well.
I used to have a huge involvement with the whole Filipino community here in Sydney but have greatly reduced my ties to those who I can really trust.
I used to hate how those Filipinos who were well off would treat their fellow kababayan like dirt, even like slaves at their parties. These people who are less well off are my closest friends and a re very dear to me, I just detested the way these others acted and have removed myself from any contact.
Its so sad they loose so much of what it means to be Filipino when they come here :-(

Great website mate.
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