June 11, 2008

A Filipino-American Soldier Fighting For Iraq

So Many Filipino-American soldier who believed in democracy,freedom and equality.
Those Filipino American who died not only for America but for the entire world.
You see America is not about individual race but different races melted in one country.
A country that understand freedom and equality. A taste for democracy is not about oil and to rule the world. It is about the Iraqi People who already suffered so much pain.
It is time for the people of Iraq to stop tasting the blood of brutality but to taste a new democratic Iraq.
If the world is against America for what is happening in Iraq.
The world is naive about the atrocities of Saddam.
His own people,sons and daughters were the victims of his oppression.
A bleeding fist that ruled Iraq.
But you decide if you want to know the true meaning of freedom.

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