June 11, 2008

Oldest Street In The Philippines

Colon Street , Cebu City
This is the oldest street in the Philippines.
In 1976 I used to hang around here.
Bought some slice bread at Fely's,
Watched a movie in one of the 12 movie theaters,
rode the bump cars in Boots (it is actually a strip club),
went to church in Santo Nino cathedral,
witnessed the first Sinulog festival and tasted my first authentic chinese food or what we call here in Boston the rice plate
(rice with side dish) and the most unforgettable.
I was robbed after I withdrew $500.00 from the bank.
A remittance from my step dad from Saudi Arabia.
$500 was a lot of money in 1976 and after that
Well, It's a long story.
Sige Po, Paalam Po!!!
(Bye to you po)

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