June 24, 2008

A Tragedy At Sea

It used to be Princess of the Stars.
My people again suffered a devastating blow.
800 passengers were killed after a ferry capsized in near Sibuyan island.
The island was just a mile away from the spot where the ship sunk.
The chances for the passengers and crew to swim to the island was impossible.
The 85 mph wind and over 5 to 10 stories high waves are unforgiving.
I have my own experienced in the late 70s during a sudden Perfect Storm.
My experienced was with the same passenger ship the Sulpicio Lines.
Own by a rich Filipino-Chinese family base in Cebu. I think it was called Don Sulpicio.
It was just a regular 1 day cruise from Cebu to Manila and there was another ship ahead of us from 5 nautical mile.
I think the other ship was owned by William Lines.
The two captain of the ships knew that there was a storm coming from Sibuyan island.
So, the other ship came closer and tailed my ship. I think it was a maritime precautionary measures if the other ship sunk that there was help as soon as possible,
but unfortunately the storm went bad. The wise captain made an announcement that
the ships will be hiding in between 2 islands farther away from Sibuyan island.
The 2 ship stop moving and I think it was on idle and the storm passed
and then life goes on.

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