June 05, 2008

Who Is The Real Filipino Hero?

The Supremo

Andres Bonifacio

These are the pics of my beloved Philippine heroes. Jose Rizal was an idealist through his anti-violent pen, Andres Bonifacio was a fundamentalist and founder of the revolutionary government and General Emilio Aguinaldo was a strategist that always won a battle, but only one hero was chosen by politicians not by the Filipino people.

In my opinion the Filipino people are the true heroes of the Philippines.

My own people who served with my heroes are the one should be recognized by the Philippine government. Like the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Filipino merchant marines, Filipino nurses,doctors and teachers, son of sweat (anak pawis) the Filipino farmers and the list goes.

I thought dirty politics started during the Marcos regime but I was wrong it started when my country was discovered

by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.


AKILEZ said...

Aguinlado's Hair cut was Flat Top.

WeNGGaY said...

OFW's are the real heroes... no one else...!