July 08, 2008

VST And Company Circa 70's

Bits and Pieces with John and DJ.
(Richie the horsey and the Soto brothers were still starting their career)
My Mom (wearing a brown skirt) was promoting the band VST and Company
in Cebu City. She was promoting them on a noon time show on channel 9.I was proud of my mom because she worked so hard to give me a good life but the consequences was that I only see her 2 to 3 times a month.
she was always travelling while I went to school in C.I.C.
(on the pic I'm the kid).
The funny part that the band was a fake. They couldn't even sing a note.
One of the Soto brothers had to fly all the away from Manila on the night of the concert but with tragedies struck in one night with fake tickets and a band that couldn't sing.
It was time for my mom to retire from being promoter and I was happy.

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