September 28, 2008

A Bag Of Pain

I was in love and that love was tortured with rage and jealousy.
I was committed with the relationship and to have matrimony.
A six thousand mile relationship from west to east coast.
I commented on cyber space and never did anything wrong
in real life, just went to work and took care of my precious.
I will never understand why she never trusted and believed
my love that was really meant for her.
I am devastated for the treatment that I experienced.
she said I scrape the pearls on the rode side
and will never be happy for the rest of my life.
Being honest can destroy the things that was meant to be forever.
I will never understand the rage that I felt and heard.
I will never understand to be treated like a bag of pain.
Another cold winter is approaching, another love is frozen.

September 27, 2008


The most romantic island in the philippines is Cebu.
I fell in love with Cebu in 1976.
I was captivated by it's awesome sunset and
the varieties of cultures that blend in this island.
I left Cebu in 1983 since then I never came back to see the sunset again.

Almost Fall In Boston

The Boston Common

I fell in love with Boston in 1993.

Since then I never left this New England city.

Left but find myself again back in the hub.

If you are single this is the most romantic city in East Coast.

I will never leave this city because my heart belongs here and will die here.

Come and see the beauty of this snotty city.

Who You Are

What will you do?
What he'll do.
Do do do do do,
What you do defines who you are.
No, Who you are defines what you do.
Surely, It's not what you do
But it's the way,
How you do it.

September 23, 2008


My birthday passed without living an indelible life.
I sacrificed myself to this world but the world just faded away.
The big four O is not life but just a number and it keeps on going.
I love Cali that she cannot even trust the love that I gave her.
A man is right and she must be wrong but this is my life.
Indelyble I must be that my love was not meant to be.
But the answer is not from me and it will never be;
That her Indelibilis love will never come true.

September 18, 2008

In The Heart Of September

I still cannot find peace in my heart,
September might be the destroyer of the almighty dollar.
I wish they just fall apart to get even with those greed.
who betrayed the poor and trusted the rich.
They created recession and sold the future of America.
I scrape the pearls on the rode side.
but I will survive,
In God We Trust.

September 15, 2008

September 2008

This month is still young and might have a big bang;
or this month will pass without anger for us to remember.
But for me the day I was born was full of anger and betrayal,
The lust was forgotten but the memories still linger in the black September.
For you or just for the whole world to see.
That the month of September was meant to be;
Many sacrificed their lives for humanity and for God.
But the reaction of the world was almighty.
Two storms cleanse the south and a train killed with a text.
But humanity is still waiting for terror to strike in the heart of September.

September 01, 2008

Francis Magalona - A Filipino Hip Hop Artist

Francis Magalona (wearing a blue jersey) is the Filipino who introduced rap in the Philippines. A Filipino that loves balut and hip hop can be a great combination. His rhythm is Filipino but with a twist of different culture blend in an oysterizer is outstanding.