October 21, 2008

Central Philippine University

Bad Girls and the Bathroom Ghost.
I was a student at the Central Philippine University in 1985. I had two best friends, Marie and Jacky.
We were considered “the bad, but cool, girls.”
It wasn’t easy to join our group, nor were we looking for additional members.
We enjoyed ourselves being “bad” girls – well not the kind that you probably would have in mind. We were still conservative in our unique ways.

Anyway, we always frequent the girl’s restroom for a make over, smoke and the usual gossip. One day, on one of our routine smoking sessions, a girl we never saw before came in and started fixing her hair.
She totally ignored us – that was disrespectful! We were furious at her audacity, for no one - and I mean no one - would dare come in the girls' room when we were in there.

We stared at her hard but she, apparently, wasn’t intimidated at all. So Jackie, being the most assertive of us, nudged her and went with her face close to her cheek. The room became so silent, you could literally hear a pin drop.
It was a tense moment and we were all at the edge of our breaths.
Then suddenly, the stranger turned her head sharply toward Jackie! Jackie screamed, and that led to a chain reaction of screams from Marie and me as well.
Jackie jolted backwards and nearly tripped over my foot.

We stood there in horror! Was she going to hurt us?
Were we doomed for all the things we had done against many girls like her?
These questions went through our minds equally.
We stood there staring at her face which was blue, and her eyes were bloodshot and popped halfway out of the sockets!

It is the most horrendous, most scary thing I have ever seen in my life! I've been scared by sights in the movies but nothing beats this!

After that incident, we stopped using the girls' room as often, and vowed not to bully anyone anymore.

Apparently, others have also seen the “ghost-girl” but only as a reflection in the mirror.

Eva Sollegue, 02/13/03

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