October 21, 2008

The Drive

Here's my experience with Balete drive in the 80's.
It was about early morning around 2.
I was driving back home from Club Dredd on Quezon Ave.
I weird decision I made to take the back roads,
instead of just taking Edsa to Mandaluyong City.
I got lost around Balete and I couldn't find my way out from
that spooky place with big trees and old houses.
I keep going back to where I started a gas station on the corner of Balete Drive.
And for the 4th time,
I decided to ask the store keeper that
I got lost without telling him what I have just experience.
He told me the right way to Mandaluyong.
Akilez 10/21/08

1 comment:

tutubi said...

i sometimes pass by that road and "waiting" for the lady to show herself hehe it's no longer called balete drive, btw