October 15, 2008

Our Brown Eyes

My cousin will kill me if he sees his pic on my blog but
I'm glad he doesn't know that I have a Blog (he's wearing a dark shirt).
My step father was one of the first Overseas Filipino Contract Workers (OFCW),
or OCW in the Philippines.
A famous tone in every household in the Philippines during the 70's.
Martial Law was still alive but democracy was still being practice in the Philippines.
1/2 of the population were jobless and there were no taxes to collect.
But the Marcos regime finally decided it is time to act before the economy collapse but to twist the twisted economy.
He decided to export Filipinos all over the world like a produce sold by bulk and the more they ordered the more almighty dollars are being sent back to the Philippines.
But almost 1/2 of the reserve dollars are being kept overseas banks by the Marcos cronies but that was history.
The unsung heroes of the Philippines can now sing without having to sweat on stage and to be paid with honors and respect.
They contributed to the stabilization of the Philippine economy,
The remittances that they sent 24/7/365 are the back bone of the Filipino economy.
Almost $12.7 Billion remittances from last year and the fifth recipient of foreign remittances in the world.
But with the United States in recession will this democratic/Catholic nation
of Southeast Asia survived the greed of Wall Street.

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