October 28, 2008

Spider Gates

Spider Gates
Is a small Quaker owned graveyard settled snugly into the woods of Leicester, MA
a bordering town of Worcester.
Properly known as Friends (or Quaker) Cemetery, it's a humble and somewhat scenic little place surrounded by trees, trails, swamps, a brook running nearby connecting to a good sized pond, and filled with aged gravestones dating as far back as the 1700's.
As aged and remote cemeteries often do, Spider Gates gained a haunted reputation over the years. Individual accounts got passed around, and common legends took root.
When the stories began or what sparked them, who can tell? By the time I heard of Spider Gates in the early 90's, Spider Gates sinister reputation was already set in stone.
To listen to most at that time, Spider Gates wasn't just haunted - it was demon possessed.
The whirlwind of stories going around about the place include but aren't limited to; spirit hauntings, cult activity, gang activity, murders, ritual animal sacrifice, various disappearances, demon possessions, portals to hell, gateways to Styx, vanishing and reappearing graves, maddening voices and sounds, and the list goes on.
For one reason or many, Spider Gates transcended the typical small town haunt in infamy.
I've gotten e-mail from people who've been hearing about Spider Gates for years, even outside of New England.Be it the power of suggestion or powers yet unmapped by science, Spider Gates tends to leave an impression on those who visit, and the enthusiastic word travels further and quicker than the normal...

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