November 20, 2008

Value Meal

An experienced not to talk to anyone the entire day.
sat on my desk listening to people around me.
laughing ,gossipping,whispering and munching.
by the end of the day.
I turned off my computer, open my drawer to reach for my car key.
grabbed my jacket and started whistling.
out of the building shivering on a 25 degree weather.
and I thought about calling her but hesitant for she might not answer.
I started the car and paused for a hundred of a seconds to think about my life and hers.
I put the gear on first and I drove.
merging on 95 was nerve wracking
concentrated one thing to get out of merge.
I drove for 30 miles in a dark 4:30 post meridiem.
just thinking if I should grab a value meal at Burger King or Wendy's.
thinking if I can save money to pay off the horrible 10.
parked the car after getting a dinner at BK.
unwrapped the burger and done in 5 minutes.
contemplating again about a relationship and a bill from a card.
what will I do?
I lit up and started puffing.
I open the car window to let the cold air in and smoke out.
flicked the butt and then went home.


Achilles said...

revised on 11/27/08

WENG said...

i love you, baby...