January 30, 2009

HMOs Killed Patients

Health Maintenance Organization is a killer.
It will rip your heart apart.
It will kill the person you love.
Health Maintenance Organization will destroy families for more profit with lesser care.
Why do the American people have to support this kind of an organization?
The organization that killed Mychelle.
HMO is a legal corruption.
When solidarity doesn't exist that lives are not important.
The almighty dollar is not to blame but the greed from The Hill that supported HMO.
Getting health care in America is more brutal than the war in Iraq.
The American people need Universal Health Care.
The American people are fighting for their lives to survive.
Even the heroes of 9/11 are not immune to this HMO disease.
The world should know what is going in America that the real terror are the HMO.
Why are other countries can able to but we are not?

January 29, 2009

Health Care For Every Americans

Sicko is a 2007 documentary film by American filmmaker Michael Moore.
The film investigates the American health care system, focusing on its health insurance and pharmaceutical industry.
The film compares the for-profit, non-universal U.S. system with the non-profit universal health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba.
Sicko opened to positive reviews, but also generated criticism and controversy.
Some policy specialists have praised the film while others have criticized the film for its positive portrayal of the publicly funded health systems of Canada,
The United Kingdom and Cuba, and for its negative portrayal of the health care system in the United States.
Sicko was made on a budget of approximately $9 million, and grossed $24.5 million theatrically in the United States.
This box office result met the official expectation of The Weinstein Company, which hoped for a gross in line with Bowling for Columbine's $21.5 million US box office gross.

Words by Wikipedia

Except For America

Universal health care refers to health care systems where all legal residents are covered by some kind of health insurance.

It often covers medical, dental, and mental health care.

These programs vary in their structure and funding mechanisms.

Typically, most costs are met via a type of national health insurance.

Universal health care is implemented in all wealthy, industrialized countries,

except for the United States.

It is also provided in many developing countries and is the trend worldwide.

words by wikipedia.

January 27, 2009

The War In Iraq 2009

It is now almost 6 years.
About 30,960 American soldier wounded and 4,231 American soldiers killed.
Brutality of the this war is not about the oil but was to stop the Butcher of Baghdad.
The world didn't want to know about the truth
but was against the almighty dollar.
The Iraqi people are now happier but bitter to taste the gun power.
For this war is about freedom in the middle east
Freedom from the hands of terror.
The world should know that young innocent Americans are dying
so that bitter taste will end soon.

January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King

The unforgettable moment for all of us.
The Dream became a Reality.

Universal Health Care For America

The first Black President of the United States took an oath today .
While the world watched President Barack Obama made a speech about the legacy of King, his new era of responsibility are being fulfilled while on stand.
When the rule of law should expand to every American and to those who will be American.
Universal Health Care was on my thoughts while he spoke.
A health care that will cover every human being that walk on this America.
Massachusetts the first state to introduce universal health care in America.
I rallied to have universal health care to be introduce in Massachusetts but
not on the street of Beacon but through this blog.
A dollar a Week can cover every American for
a time that they need Caduceus.
A dollar can perform a more perfect Union.
It will create more quality care and minimal expense for a patient.
It will change the structure of medicine it will change the world forever.
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January 14, 2009

Yo Yo From The Philippines

Pedro Flores.
The Filipinos used the yo yo to ripped of the skin of the conquistador es.
It was used to demonstrate the power of the spinning wheel with
blunt force trauma.
Such magnificent moves made the invading force to
froze for a moment to think.
What the hell is that?
Even Yo yo Ma will be surprise with its move an everlasting move.
Hey Yo!

January 11, 2009


Bren Bataclan.

As a Filipino

A smile is important in my life.

I smile at the world.

I smile at my problems and I smile because I'm happy.

A project by Bren Bataclan

name Smile Boston Project can give someone happiness

permanently and contagiously.


A snotty city is not about the people but it is really about

the weather and the time that is faster than a speeding bullet.

Bostonians just forget to smile and a simple colorful painting will

remind them to smile back.

January 08, 2009

An Israeli And A Palestinian

The Palestinian people are suffering again not from the hands of Israel but from the hands of Hamas.

Why did Hamas fired a rocket in Israel?

The answer can only be found in the minds of Hamas .

Did they ever think that firing a rocket in Israel can ruin a peace plan and a dangerous invasion from Israel?

Why is it so easy to embrace war than peace?

I have seen a lot of violence in my life.

I grew up seeing thousands of Israelis and Palestinians died of this war of attrition.

A never ending war for all mankind.

I want the Palestinians and Israelis to grab peace instead of grabbing the barrel of a gun.

We all want peace in the middle east.

January 07, 2009

January 04, 2009

Philippine People Power Revolution 1986

The Documentary is in Tagalog and English.
Actors,Politicians,Military Officers,Journalists and the rest of the Filipino people band together to overthrow a dictator through peaceful means.

The People Power Revolution influenced world politics, South Korea, Burma, Tibet, Tiananmen Square uprising and the fall of the Berlin wall. The winds had changed for the entire world because of a small nation who started it all.

But the question still remains was it a failed coup in 1986? When the coup plotters didn't have a chance with Marcos and they intentionally barricaded themself in Camp Crame and asked for the help of the Filipino people via "Radio Bandido"(June Keithley).

The Filipino did came and protected them.
But the coup was twisted and became the final peace rally to overthrow the Marcos regime.

After the 1986 People Power revolution
the Reform Armed of Movement(RAM) still insist to become the main power of the Philippines but everytime they do it they failed and the rest is history.

January 03, 2009

Nov 29, 2007

This coup just happened a year ago in the Manila, Philippines.

My country as a long way to go in Political stability.

Philippine Marines Huey Ride

This how the Philippine islands looks like on air.