January 30, 2009

HMOs Killed Patients

Health Maintenance Organization is a killer.
It will rip your heart apart.
It will kill the person you love.
Health Maintenance Organization will destroy families for more profit with lesser care.
Why do the American people have to support this kind of an organization?
The organization that killed Mychelle.
HMO is a legal corruption.
When solidarity doesn't exist that lives are not important.
The almighty dollar is not to blame but the greed from The Hill that supported HMO.
Getting health care in America is more brutal than the war in Iraq.
The American people need Universal Health Care.
The American people are fighting for their lives to survive.
Even the heroes of 9/11 are not immune to this HMO disease.
The world should know what is going in America that the real terror are the HMO.
Why are other countries can able to but we are not?

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