January 08, 2009

An Israeli And A Palestinian

The Palestinian people are suffering again not from the hands of Israel but from the hands of Hamas.

Why did Hamas fired a rocket in Israel?

The answer can only be found in the minds of Hamas .

Did they ever think that firing a rocket in Israel can ruin a peace plan and a dangerous invasion from Israel?

Why is it so easy to embrace war than peace?

I have seen a lot of violence in my life.

I grew up seeing thousands of Israelis and Palestinians died of this war of attrition.

A never ending war for all mankind.

I want the Palestinians and Israelis to grab peace instead of grabbing the barrel of a gun.

We all want peace in the middle east.

1 comment:

paetechie said...

hamas should be booted out of gaza...at least fatah came to their senses and accepted israel