January 04, 2009

Philippine People Power Revolution 1986

The Documentary is in Tagalog and English.
Actors,Politicians,Military Officers,Journalists and the rest of the Filipino people band together to overthrow a dictator through peaceful means.

The People Power Revolution influenced world politics, South Korea, Burma, Tibet, Tiananmen Square uprising and the fall of the Berlin wall. The winds had changed for the entire world because of a small nation who started it all.

But the question still remains was it a failed coup in 1986? When the coup plotters didn't have a chance with Marcos and they intentionally barricaded themself in Camp Crame and asked for the help of the Filipino people via "Radio Bandido"(June Keithley).

The Filipino did came and protected them.
But the coup was twisted and became the final peace rally to overthrow the Marcos regime.

After the 1986 People Power revolution
the Reform Armed of Movement(RAM) still insist to become the main power of the Philippines but everytime they do it they failed and the rest is history.

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