January 20, 2009

Universal Health Care For America

The first Black President of the United States took an oath today .
While the world watched President Barack Obama made a speech about the legacy of King, his new era of responsibility are being fulfilled while on stand.
When the rule of law should expand to every American and to those who will be American.
Universal Health Care was on my thoughts while he spoke.
A health care that will cover every human being that walk on this America.
Massachusetts the first state to introduce universal health care in America.
I rallied to have universal health care to be introduce in Massachusetts but
not on the street of Beacon but through this blog.
A dollar a Week can cover every American for
a time that they need Caduceus.
A dollar can perform a more perfect Union.
It will create more quality care and minimal expense for a patient.
It will change the structure of medicine it will change the world forever.
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