February 19, 2009

Filipino Veterans Of World War 2

Filipino Veterans

After 64 years the Filipino veterans are finally recognized by the
United States government.
The Recovery and Reinvestment Act by Senator Daniel K.Inouye (D-HI) and the Stimulus Package that was signed by
President Barack Obama was the turning point for a long fight for
recognition of the Filipino veterans.
This is not about the money it is about US soldiers who fought so hard to defend the former Commonwealth of the United States.
It is sad that some of those veterans are deceased but for those who are still alive.
Recognition and to be compensated is long over due.
But the Filipino veterans are not alone for recognition.
The American soldiers are also suffering from lack of health care,pensions,supplies,uniforms and the list goes on.
The American government should now past a Bill that will help an ailing soldier.

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