February 11, 2009

Satur Ocampo

Satur Ocampo
I voted for this guy in Cabanatuan City.
One of the volunteers was so nosy
that he was behind me checking my ballot
and he saw me wrote Satur Ocampo's name on
the ballot.
He whispered "Huwag mo boto iyan komunista iyan"
Don't vote for him he is a communist.
I think Satur Ocampo got 3 votes in Nueva Ecija.
I believe in his words.
The words of a Kasamahan (One of Us).
He was the spoke man for the CPP-NPA in the 80s in the Philippines.
Decided to live the hammer and sickle to represent the Filipino farmers.
Satur Ocampo one of the unknown heroes of the Philippines.

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