March 18, 2009


Us Soldiers.
They are coming home, The War In Iraq is almost over.
After 6 years of democratic reform the Iraqi people demonstrated to the world
that peace and harmony can destroy terror.
But for the United States Armed Forces the war is not over.
200,000 American soldiers might be jobless when they come home.
A country that they left 6 years ago is now destroyed by the almighty dollar.
The greed of wall street was more dangerous than the war in Iraq.
An economy that was ruined by the rich and victimized the entire world.
A recession might turn into depression but God forbid this to happen,
for the entire world is on his mercy.
The last Great Depression took America 10 years to be clinically sane.
A world war that helped America recover from insanity.
The past will repeat itself and Afghanistan will help America recover
from this illness but why again mankind turn into violence and greed was the cost.

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