March 03, 2009

Recession 2009

The 1st quarter of 2009 was not to smile about.
Millions of Americans are still losing their jobs.
The cold winter can make someone numb forever.
Recession is not going away for now,
Americans will be filing a long line from Pine Street Inn to the corners of Tremont Street.
The billions of dollars that Obama poured was not the answer for a thirsty economy but to feed the belly of Wall Street.
When recession is now depression.
The economic greed that took the world by storm can be blame for those who worship the almighty dollar.
Victimized not only Americans but the entire world.
When the rich became more brutal than the war in Iraq.
When the rich no longer sane and incapacitated by greed.
An American that couldn't feel the pain of other Americans.
An American to destroy other Americans.
The most generous country in the world is now a victim of its own arrogance.
To forget about the future and to destroy the present.
Hard working Americans from Africa, Europe, Middle East and from a small island of Batanes are victims of the powerful rich.
The billions of dollars that was poured in the American economy cannot match the
greed that those rich stole from the American people.

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